When you’ve got the likes of classic sci-fi writers such as Stanislaw Lem, Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert all providing inspiration, chances are the premise of Elea at the very least will be a good one. And very soon we’ll get the chance to find out as the surreal space adventure gets a new trailer and full Xbox One and Steam release date.

Coming to Xbox One and PC (Steam), Elea will launch into the galaxy with the very first episode on September 6th 2018. With the development team at Kyodai admitting they are big fans of the story driven first person genre, from the very earliest stages of development, innovation of the genre has been at the forefront of Elea’s creation. This should ensure that we are given a unique and touching story.

Throughout development they noticed that many first person adventures offer just one main distinct location, with one specific visual style. Kyodai decided to take a completely different approach for Elea. See, the environments can change from a lava level to a snow level, followed by that of a jungle stage, ensuring that Elea feels like an enormous journey through time and space.

Elea already launched into Early Access on Steam at the end of April. SOEDESCO’s community manager Marten Buijsse states: ‘’Thanks to the community’s enthusiasm and help, we have been able to finish and fine-tune the game based on their wishes and good advice. We are now confident that we can present Elea in its best form for the full release on Xbox One and Steam’’.

We will of course remind you when it is time to get on board the Elea train, but for now, a viewing of the trailer should be taken in whilst a little read of our hands-on preview piece will let you in on a few finer details.

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