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It’s been a whole three weeks since Milestone Studios last delivered a free Bonus Pack to RIDE 4 racers, allowing their player base to expand their bike and event roster for no extra cost. If we’re honest, we thought perhaps that after 10 packs, the slew of free content had begun to dry up. But no and right now the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 11 is available for download. 

Much like the previous ten packs that have come before it, the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 11 is a free offering that all RIDE 4 players can take advantage of. It’s available on all the formats that the base game is present and playable on – Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, then – and will deliver a whole new bike plus a smattering of additional events to the game. 

This time around and the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 11 DLC is found pushing out the Suzuki Katana – Racing Modified from 2019. If you know a thing or two about bikes, you’ll know that this is an awesome machine that will go down well with any RIDE 4 player. 

But that’s not all which is free this week and once more Milestone have found it within themselves to drop five addition events in free of charge too, giving you plenty of reason to hop aboard that Suzuki and open the throttle like there is no tomorrow. 

In order to enjoy the free love found in the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 11, you’ll need a copy of the base game to hand. And if you have that, we’d highly advise you grab all the other free DLC drops for RIDE 4 too. There are a host of premium additions available should you be looking to open the wallet as well. To grab the content though the digital store of your choosing will sort you out – the Xbox Store being our favourite.

DLC Description:

Download the Bonus Pack 11 and expand your gaming experience with 1 new exclusive bike and 5 events. 

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