There is no debate that the draw of snooker has declined since the heady days of the 1980s and 1990s. What was once a sport that drew in the crowds, both in person and via the old tellybox, long gone are the days of Davis vs Taylor finals being moments to stop time. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a love for the green baize and with the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby and more competing around the world, there are still many who consider kicking back on the sofa for hours on end in order to watch some balls being potted, a good time. But it must be said that the videogaming world hasn’t really embraced the whole snooker vibe in full – however all that is set to change with the announcement of Snooker 19.

Coming from Ripstone Games, with them teaming up with the development team at Lab42 and World Snooker, Snooker 19 will be an officially licensed affair which will allow you the chance to prove your potting skills forever more.

It’ll be hitting all the usual suspects – that means Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC – in 2019, featuring no less than 128 of the world’s top players. Yep, like previously mentioned, that means you’ll be able to play as the Rocket or Mark Selby, or even Judd Trump or Ding Junhui if you wish. But you won’t just be chucked in to the confines of some stuffy, smoke-filled sports bar either – The Crucible and Alexandra Palace will play host to your matches, with further venues in China and Germany also promised.

You will also be able to compete in every major tournament culminating with the World Championship in Sheffield, as Snooker 19 delivers the most authentic, realistic, and best-looking snooker game ever made. As you would expect, multiplayer modes, a single player career mode linked to real tournaments and compelling TV style presentation will all be par for the course.

“To be able to pick up and controller and play in the tournaments that make or break careers against anyone in the world, will be an incredible experience,” said former World Champion Shaun Murphy. “I can’t wait for the chance to try the game out, I’m sure it will make for a truly immersive experience.”

“As a sport, snooker has gone from strength to strength in the past decade and, at the same time, sports gaming has revolutionized”, said Lewis Ward of World Snooker “This is what makes working with Ripstone and Lab42 so exciting; seeing them create a state-of-the-art game that will deliver the most authentic snooker experience ever.”

If you haven’t really take to Snooker Nation Championship, and aren’t one to pick up a cue and head down to the Pure Pool DLC add-on – no matter how good it is – then Snooker 19 looks to be your best bet for a bit of ball juggling. Keep an eye out for it in 2019.


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