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Play a farming classic in STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch


story of seasons a wonderful life
story of seasons a wonderful life

Back when farming games were a bit more niche, one named dominated the genre: Harvest Moon. In the West at least, this name was the only real player in the farming space. Fast forward to now and there is a tractor full to choose from. Sometimes, it can be nice to return to a classic, and that is exactly what we’ve got here. Albeit under a new banner. STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life is out today on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Tend to your farm

After inheriting a farm from your late father, you head to the Forgotten Valley to see if you can make a success of it. But keeping livestock, growing crops and tending to your farms needs can only get you so far, you also need to make a life for yourself in this sleepy little town.

Visit the café, talk to the residents and even fall in love. STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life has added in new romance options no matter if you choose to play as a male/female/non-binary character. Love knows no bounds, and you certainly are not limited here. And once you have found your partner, you can begin to raise a family together and keep the family farm going for generations.

It isn’t all work and no play though. The Forgotten Valley has plenty to keep you busy including fishing, archaeological digs and much more. Maybe your future partner has the same interests as you?

Key features

  • Establish your homestead – Live a carefree life on the farm growing an abundance of crops and nurturing the land to improve your yield. Raise cute animals that reward your affection with handy produce that is perfect for recipes, as gifts or sold for a profit at your very own market stall. Discover new animals, create hybrid crops, and build upgradeable facilities to help you on your way to a dream life in Forgotten Valley.
  • Befriend the residents of Forgotten Valley – Find new friends among the charming cast of characters in the tranquil town of Forgotten Valley, and get to know them through all-new events! In this close-knit community, there’s an abundance of memorable personalities, from the mischievous Nature Sprites to the nutty scientist Daryl, that make Forgotten Valley… unforgettable!
  • Tell your story your way – Play as male, female, or non-binary, and customise your look as you start your new story in Forgotten Valley. Regardless of how you choose to play, all of the eight eligible bachelors and bachelorettes have romantic potential, so you can truly be who you want to be and fall in love with your heart’s desire.
  • Fall in love, start a family, and build precious memories – Once you’ve found your one true love, it’s time to settle down and start a family. Watch your child grow into adulthood as the years pass! Will they inherit the farm? Or will they find their calling somewhere else? Help your family thrive across the decades in Forgotten Valley, guiding your child on the path to finding a future that’s right for them.
  • A Wonderful Life for a new generation! – Revisit a beloved story as never before, with updated visuals, additional marriage candidates, new animals, seasonal events, and a wide array of gameplay improvements. This reimagined version of A Wonderful Life brings all of the heart and charm of the original to a new generation as the definitive experience of one of the most cherished entries in the long-running farming series.

Play STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life on Xbox

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life is out now on the Xbox Store for Xbox Series X|S priced at £34.99. As the seasons change in-game you may also fancy some new threads. Luckily for you there is also the Seasonal Outfits Set also available for £3.49.

You’ll also find the game on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Just be aware, you cannot play STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life on Xbox One.

We haven’t had chance to check out the new styles of clothes yet. But we have played the main game and our review is coming very soon.

For now though, let us know in the comments below if this will be your first time playing this classic farming game. Or maybe you are already a seasoned farmer. Let us know.

Edit: Our review of STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life is now live.

Game description

Put down roots on your new farm in the peaceful town of Forgotten Valley. Forge precious memories as you weave your own generation-spanning tale of friendship, family, and farming. Bring life to the land by cultivating crops and raising animals, find love among the town’s friendly folk, and make lasting memories with a family of your very own in this reimagining of a beloved farming classic.

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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