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It seems that in the 21st Century you can get away with just about anything, providing it is in a laboratory setting. Superliminal on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is the latest game set in a ‘controlled’ environment; an environment in where you may need to look at things twice.

In Superliminal, perception is reality. If you need a box to be bigger so you can climb on top of it, hold it closer to your eyes and voila! Superliminal plays with your sense of depth perception and spatial awareness to the point where you may be left second guessing reality.

After falling asleep in front of the TV with an infomercial of a new dream therapy programme, you begin to dream of a world full of optical illusions. By using this knowledge of a distorted perception, can you make it through this maze of a world in an intriguing first-person puzzler? 

Check out the trailer below if you think you’re up to the task:

Superliminal is a perfect puzzler for fans of the Portal games with its similarities, yet manages to carve out a unique enough niche for itself. If you are also a fan of classic silver screen corridors such as those in The Shining or Inception, Superliminal has plenty in store for you too.

Features include:

  • Mind-bending puzzles that will challenge your perception
  • A beautiful, understated world
  • A surreal story with hidden layers
  • Things that are really weird

Superliminal is available to download right away on the Xbox Store, priced at £16.74. There is also a little launch discount attached to that price. Our review will be coming very soon – once we figure out where the exit door is – so stay tuned for that. For now though, head to the comments section and let us know what you think of Superliminal. You’ll find the game on PS4 and Nintendo Switch alongside this Xbox One release. 

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Game description

Falling asleep at 3AM, you close your eyes to the cheesy commercial of Dr. Pierce’s dream therapy program. You wake up in an unfamiliar environment, only to realize that you’re stuck in a dream – a dream where perception is reality. Welcome to Superliminal. Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game inspired perspective and optical illusions. Players tackle impossible puzzles by thinking outside the box and learning to expect the unexpected. This game features a wonderfully subdued world, an intriguingly voiced narrative, and things that are really weird.


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