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You may well be familiar with Death Crown, particularly if you frequent the PC scene. You see, it is over on Steam where the unique real-time strategy affair made a bit of a name for itself. Now though it’s coming to console, and come this November you’ll be able to play Death Crown on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Created by CO5MONAUT and Stas Pisarev, Death Crown will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch come November 12th 2020, bringing with it a newly customised control system, plus a couple of bits of DLC – Era of Human and Demonic Menace – for good measure.

Death Crown is a fast-paced RTS. It focuses on death itself, as you partake in fast-paced games that will be settled in a matter of minutes. In Death Crown, you won’t find a second to spare as you create troops, gain resources and strengthen your defences against enemy hordes. Based on a minimalist aesthetic, and paying homage to the classics developed for the Apple II computers in the 1980s, the 1-bit Pixel Art found here has been inspired by medieval engravings, is at the service of a mechanism as simple as it is ferocious.

The rules of Death Crown could not be simpler either. You must destroy the enemy fortress, generating resources (by building mines, or mills, depending on the faction), in order to do so. With troops at the fore of the action, this is not a game in which long-term strategy is rewarded, and in Death Crown you have to act fast, reacting to your opponent’s movements instantly. This means that the course of each match can change completely in a matter of seconds, just like an express chess game. Lose concentration, and you’re pretty much done for.

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Death Crown will come to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch with three campaigns in tow, allowing you to lead the dead in either human of demon form, through more than 90 maps. Just expect a tough old time as because the AI promises to be relentless, and the bosses you’ll need to face, will look to ramp the action up even more.

Death Crown will also bring a Domination Mode, where players get the chance to climb the rankings while facing 30 hellish missions with only three lives. Lose them all and you’ll have to start from the beginning. And then further to that, if you are looking to play through things cooperatively or against a friend via local Versus mode, Death Crown has you sorted there too.

We’ll be sure to remind you when Death Crown hits Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you can’t wait till November, there’s always the opportunity to play through things on Steam. Let us know if you’ll be giving this one a go.

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