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Enjoyed what QUByte have recently attempted with the VASARA Collection on Xbox One? We certainly did and so it comes with great pleasure to see the team take up the worldwide rights to cover another classic – Breakers.

A 2D Japanese Arcade and Neo Geo fighter that was developed by VISCO Corporation back in 1996, the original Breakers was a bit of a cult hit. That was then followed up in 1998 by Breakers Revenge. Now though, or at least in 2020, Breakers will be back with QUByte partnering up with VISCO to deliver the franchise to the modern day, worldwide, audience.

Imaginatively titled ‘Breakers Collection’, we’ll see both Breakers and Breakers Revenge coming to PC and consoles in 2020, as a range of new features come about in a single package. With the original game featuring a roster of 8 playable characters from around the globe, you’ll get the chance to see them face off against each other in an utterly fierce tournament.

Breakers Revenge meanwhile originally came with additional characters, balance adjustments and further gameplay elements. Expect to see all those and more included when Breakers Collection rolls around.

We’ll be sure to let you know as and when release date, development processes and more occur, but for now there is a little teaser trailer which should be taken in. Get ready to be hit with a swathe of nostalgia!

Once you’ve given it a watch, the comments section is down below – let us know what you think about the upcoming arrival of Breakers Collection on PC and console (which we are taking for Xbox One and PS4 at the very minimum). Have QUByte got it right with the move into Breakers territory?


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