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It’s been five years since Xbox players first had the opportunity to become the warden in Prison Architect, keeping inmates safe in the process. Now though it’s all about the rehabilitation process as Prison Architect: Second Chances breaks free. 

Available as the latest expansion to Prison Architect, Second Chances has been created by the Double Eleven and Paradox Interactive teams to bring further opportunities and options to the base game. And this time around it’s all about allowing inmates the chance to reduce their sentences, before slowly integrating them back into society. 

Present and correct today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, with a launch on Nintendo Switch come June 29th 2021, Second Chances brings forward a number of new programs, each of which offers up a different means of rehabilitating prisoners, hopefully helping change their behaviour in the process. 

This will see your crims take classes on peaceful conflict resolution, and will allow them to try and socialise with civilians. Should they do so – and remember, as the prison warden those found inside are your top priority – these changes could well lead to reductions in their sentences. However, should things not work out as planned, reoffending inmates will cost the Warden in more ways than one. 

“Inmate rehabilitation in Prison Architect is something we have wanted to explore for a while, but we needed to research how to do it properly first,” says Gaz Wright, Games Design Manager on Prison Architect at Double Eleven. “The programs in this expansion have been implemented in correctional facilities around the world and have started to see real results. We strived to make their implementation in Prison Architect feel authentic while maintaining the signature style players have come to expect from the game.”

There’s a host of new ideas and features arriving as part of the Prison Architect: Second Chances expansion, with all of the following included:

  • Return to Reform: Non-work programs, such as Animal Therapy, Meet & Greet, and Former Prisoner Classes can remove an inmate’s negative traits and see improved behaviors.
  • Good Behavior: Inmates can have their sentences reduced or increased based on their actions and reoffenders can now be sent back to prison. Players will be fined for each reoffender.
  • Room for Improvement: Inmates with existing or earned work credentials can become vendors to both prisoners and visitors in inmate-run rooms, including a Bakery, Restaurant and Therapy Room. 
  • Back to Society: Inmates can earn work credentials through experience partaking in different work and training programs.

You’ll obviously need a copy of the base game of Prison Architect in place prior to being able to have fun with Second Chances. From there though, you’ll find the new expansion available from the likes of the Xbox Store for just £4.99.

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