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Review of Gates of Olympus slot


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Prepare to be transported to the mystical realm of ancient Greece with the Gates of Olympus slot machine. As the title suggests, this game draws inspiration from Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. And also the mythological residence of Greek gods like Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, and, of course, the mighty Zeus. Gates of Olympus is a 6-reel slot that comes with tumbling reels and exciting extras that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this game and why it is one of the most lucrative titles to play at an online casino. 

Game Design, Graphics and Sounds

In the Gates of Olympus slot, players ascend to the summit of Mount Olympus, where a majestic marble palace and the throne of Zeus himself await. The God of Storms, Zeus, hovers to the right of the reels, wielding his divine powers to cast spells, summon lightning, and bestow lucrative multipliers upon the reels. The game’s immersive atmosphere is beautified by its rich Greek aesthetics and iconic characters.

Overall, the visually stunning design features top-tier cartoon-style graphics and a range of smooth animations that breathe life into the ancient Greek environment.

The sound experience in the Gates of Olympus slot is nothing short of exceptional. An elegant and epic soundtrack accompanies your every spin, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transports you to a realm of mythology. Even more exciting is the music transitions which pick up tempo and intensity as you trigger bonus features. 

Game Symbols

Gates of Olympus breaks away from the traditional slot format, offering an expansive 6×5 grid where symbols are not based on standard paylines. Instead, they can create a win when 8 or more matching symbols land anywhere on the screen simultaneously, providing an exciting twist.

The paytable is composed of 9 regular symbols, categorized into two sections: high and low. In the lower tier, you’ll find five gems, each possessing a unique shape and colour. The upper echelon features four symbols representing the attributes of the mighty Zeus himself. The crown pays the best offering 50x the bet for 12 on the reels.

How to Play Gates of Olympus Slot for Real Money

Getting started with the Gates of Olympus slot for real money is a straightforward process. To enjoy this game, follow these simple steps:

  • Check out the top Gates of Olympus casino sites that accept players from your country 
  • Make sure you explore the available bonus offers and promotions at these casinos and select the one that best suits your preferences and gaming style.
  • Create an account at the chosen casino and make sure to activate the selected bonus during the registration process or by following the provided instructions.
  • Once your casino account is set up, navigate to the Gates of Olympus slot game within the casino’s game library and load the game.
  • Make your bet on the reel. The bet levels are between €0.2 at the lowest up to €100 at the highest.
  • After that, press the “Spin” button to start your real money adventure in the world of Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus Bonuses and Special Features:

Gates of Olympus offers an array of captivating features and bonuses that ensure an engaging gaming experience at every turn. These features are available throughout your gameplay. 

Cascading Wins (Tumble Feature)

When you land a winning combination, the Cascading Wins, or Tumble feature, springs into action. All symbols contributing to the win vanish from the reels, allowing the remaining symbols to tumble down to fill the vacant positions. As a result, new symbols cascade from above to fill the grid. This process repeats until no new winning combinations can be formed, giving you the chance to potential chain reactions of wins on a single spin.

Multiplier Symbol

The Multiplier symbols are the ones to watch for, as they have the power to transform even small wins into substantial rewards. These special symbols can appear randomly during base spins alongside regular symbols. When a Multiplier symbol makes its appearance, it randomly assigns a value between 2x and a massive 500x. At the conclusion of the spin and after all tumbles have occurred, the total win for that spin is multiplied by the value displayed by the Multiplier symbol. In the event that multiple Multiplier symbols are present on the screen, their values are added together, boosting your potential winnings to the maximum.

Free Spins

The crown jewel is the Free Spins feature, where the potential for significant winnings is at the maximum. To activate this bonus round, you’ll need to land a minimum of 4 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, which rewards you with an initial 15 free spins. Additionally, the combination that triggers the Free Spins feature also grants an instant cash prize, offering 3x, 5x, or a massive 100x your initial stake for landing 4, 5, or 6 Scatters, respectively.

During the Gates of Olympus free spins, the same rules that apply in the base game generally hold true. However, there’s a significant difference. Whenever a Multiplier symbol contributes to a win during free spins, its value is accumulated into the total free spins multiplier. As a result, when another Multiplier symbol appears and contributes to a payout, the previously accumulated total multiplier is applied, boosting your winnings further.

However, Multiplier symbols that don’t contribute to wins are not accumulated. There’s no set limit to how high the total multiplier can climb. But, be mindful of a win cap; once the maximum win value is reached, the feature concludes immediately. To boost your wins, Multiplier symbols tend to appear more frequently during free spins compared to the base game.

Even better, you can claim additional Free Spins. If you manage to land 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels during the bonus game, you’ll receive an additional 5 free spins.

Bonus Buy

For players eager to bypass the buildup and dive straight into the action, the game offers a Bonus Buy feature. This feature allows you to instantly activate the free spins bonus for a fixed cost equal to 100 times your base bet.

Ante Bet

To increase your chances of triggering the bonus game, you can utilize the Bonus Bet feature, which effectively doubles your odds of landing Scatters during the base game. However, this opportunity comes at the price of a 25% increase in your bet. It’s a strategic trade-off to boost your chances of unlocking the bonus round.

Wrapping Up

Gates of Olympus slot relies on the popular Greek mythology theme, but features an exciting gameplay and wide range of features to keep players playing and boost your win potential. With an above-average RTP value and decent max win potential, it is a great online casino game  for both beginner and pro slot players.

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