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Numskull Designs are no strangers to creating merchandise that ties in to major franchises, with a recent collaboration producing a range of Xbox and Halo goodies. Now though, they’ve announced a new line of collectible figurines, which are heading our way from July onwards and we guarantee your excitement levels are going to go through the roof. Brace yourself for a range of badass DOOM figurines to rip and tear whatever money you possess!

That’s right, Numskull Designs have revealed a total of 12 official DOOM collectible figurines are coming very soon. What’s incredibly cool is that you may have seen these figurines in DOOM Eternal, the action-packed title from id Software and Bethesda Softworks, and now they’re being brought to life by the team at Numskull Designs. Those of you with a keen eye will have found the rather cute collectibles in various hidden locations all over the game; from the scorching depths of Nekravol to the ancient world of the Night Sentinels in Exultia. 

These highly detailed collectibles are made from high quality versatile vinyl, hence they’re going to come with a premium price tag of £34.99 each. The first wave of figurines launches in July 2021, which includes DOOM Slayer, Cacodemon, Arachnotron and Imp. The rest are expected to arrive in smaller batches every 8 weeks afterwards – Pinky and Revenant join the line-up in August 2021, followed by Archvile and Baron of Hell in October 2021, Mancubus and Hell Knight in December 2021, before concluding in February 2022 with the Marauder and Soldier.

DOOM Slayer – Rip and tear! (6.3 inches tall)

With the weight of Earth on his shoulders, the DOOM Slayer is  but one man, yet he is one man on a mission to save the planet once and for all. This DOOM Slayer collectible figurine, equipped in his signature green armour and helmet is made from a high quality special  moulded vinyl. This is a figurine that will be right at home in any DOOM collection. 

Cacodemon – The big-mouthed icon (5.1 inches tall)

Demonically designed, Cacodemon has one hell of a big mouth!  These iconic enemies float in the air and this Collectible Figurine  comes with the signature horns and sharp teeth! A staple of the DOOM series and a must-have item for any collector. 

Arachnotron – Hell on Earth for all arachnophobes!  (7.3 inches tall)

This remodelled Arachnotron from DOOM Eternal now has a turret locked and loaded on its rear. Complete with its metal chassis this Arachnotron is combat-ready and raring to go. 

Imp – Scavengers of the underworld (5.9 inches tall)

An enemy the DOOM Slayer is all too familiar with, Imp’s are  impulsively offensive in their all-out attack on their prey. Designed to replicate the appearance from DOOM Eternal, this  Collectible Figurine is a must-have in the battle to collect them all.

Should you wish to hunt down and add any of the DOOM figurines to your collection, you’ll be pleased to know that pre-orders are live via Numskull. Let us know which of the collectible figurines you like the most by leaving us a comment below!

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