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If you’re looking for some collectibles to add to your gaming cave, then Numskull Designs should be one of your first ports of call. And of the ranges they have to offer, it’s probably the Halo and Xbox items that will most suit. 

Having dealt with TUBBZ, running a range of Crash Bandicoot goodies that we still think are up there with the very best of any collectible that is on offer, and covering the Raccoon City bases with a number of Resident Evil-themed goodies, it could be said that Numskull have got their fingers in many pies. 

But hey, when those pies taste so damn good, why wouldn’t you? 

It’s the Halo and Xbox ranges that we are here with today though and Numskull have been kind enough to drop over a number of items for us to check out – namely a Halo Mini Gift Set, a Halo LED Charging Cable, and an Xbox Series X|S battery pack and charge cable. With them having previously delivered us a number of other Xbox items – their Official Xbox Merchandise range included a mug, keychain and wallet, for starters – we were keen to see how these newer items stacked up. 

First announced in line with the imminent release of Halo: Infinite back in 2020, before seeing the game pushed back until further notice, the Numskull Halo options are plentiful. We’ve got hands-on with the Halo LED charge cable with a USB-C end, and this is pretty much perfect for anyone looking to keep gaming into the wee hours, unfolding the Master Chief’s adventures for hours on end. With a small Numskull logo on the USB-C end of the cable, and the official UNSC logo on the USB-A side, plugging this into your console and connecting an Xbox Series X|S controller (or any USB-C enabled device for that matter), sees the usual white cabling pulse and glow brilliant green, lighting up your gaming sessions and keeping you powered. Sometimes it’s the most simple of things which give the greatest pleasure. 

Also rocking in Numskull’s Halo range is the Halo Mini Gift Set. This will set you back £14.99, but should you be looking for a present to gift any Halo fan, this is it. Comprising a pair of green and white socks – with Halo/Master Chief designs shown loud and proud – and then a delightful white and green Halo: Infinite mug, any receiver of such gifts is sure to be appreciative. With the mug running ever so slightly smaller than our favourite Xbox mug, the well-worked UNSC/Halo design that runs to both sides will ensure this is the receptacle you reach for when it’s coffee time. 

Finally we have also been given access to the Xbox Series X Twin Battery Pack & Cable from Numskull. Honestly, I was expecting more from this, as this is nothing more than a generic USB-A to USB-C cable, and two bog-standard Xbox Series X batteries. There is no branding, and no sign that these are from the Numskull team – and that’s a little disappointing. Obviously moving past that, they do the job required of them. The battery packs fit Xbox Series X|S controllers perfectly, fitting snugly and providing enough power to keep you gaming for a few hours. It’s a shame again that they only run at 600mAh, and a larger size would certainly be preferred, but with the included cable, keeping gaming is a cinch. At the end of the day, a battery pack and cable combo needs to do what it says on the tin – and this does just that. No fuss. No bother. 

Huge thanks must go out to Numskull Designs for sending over the items for us to check out. If you wish to see the full range of both Halo and Xbox goodies for yourself, pay Numskull a visit. They’ve got a ton of stuff on offer. We certainly have eyes on their latest Xbox range, if only as the more Xbox mugs that are available for mid-afternoon tea, the better. But let us know what you decide to grab from the Numskull coffers – the comments section is below. 

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