Numskull Designs were kind enough to send us two care packages of Crash Bandicoot merch – you can check out our thoughts on the first load here – but that was really the starter to the main event.

Our second parcel from them contained a Trophy Mug, and the crowning jewel of their Crash range – the incense burner – and what a beauty it is.

crash team racing cup

But that wasn’t the only thing: there was also a Trophy Mug to open. Numskull must have known how good we were at the game to award us this. It’s a twofold piece of merch; fully functional as a cup or mug for a hot drink but also a great collectible to display. Emblazoned with the CTR logo on the front and having a handle on either side, there can be no question where this golden mug got its inspiration from. Sturdy enough to hold aloft after another cup victory, or just hold a morning cup of coffee as you try and beat Oxide’s time trials in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on Xbox One, much like the rest of Numskull’s merch it doesn’t feel cheap and is a worthwhile investment. Just don’t put it in the dishwasher or the microwave.

Anyway, on to the main event and we’ve had incense burners before from Numskull – the Spyro the Dragon one from last year started this trend off. But this latest one from the Crash range goes above and beyond what has come before.

Its design is based on Crash’s starting kart and is a faithful replica that could well have been a 3D model the game designers at Beenox used such is the representation. Most of the chassis is made of plastic and you will struggle to find any blemishes or imperfections on it.

numskull crash team racing burner 1

Crash Bandicoot is sitting on the kart and both he and the tyres are made from a PVC material that feels a bit softer, but is in no way a compromise. The whole thing is sturdy, rigid and very well put together. It’s also a large item – 18cm long and 13.5cm tall.

Initially, I was unsure where to put the incense. For example, with the Spyro one, you simply lift him off his plinth and the incense holder is underneath. For the Crash one, it is very well hidden under the engine found behind where Crash sits. It slots into the rest of the statue snugly as well which is why it took a while to find. The incense holder is directly under it though, allowing the smoke to come out of the exhaust pipes when lit!

numskull crash team racing burner 2

The incense burner is the pièce de résistance of the whole range, but there really is something for everyone including keyrings, t-shirts, coasters, car air fresheners, furry dice and hats. And they’re not done yet, as with Borderlands 3 on the horizon they have another huge merch range to look forward to, and then they are continuing with their Quarter Arcades series.

Check out everything else they have on offer at their website –

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2 years ago

How to order crash bandicoot?