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If you’re after innovative, unique, and official gaming merchandise, then the team at Numskull Designs probably have something for you. After previously dealing with some stunning Destiny 2 clobber, scaring the wits out of us with their Resident Evil 2 range, and revealing that some Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled merch is fast upcoming, if you’re a gamer in need of some bits and bobs which will let you express your love for the scene, they will most certainly be able to sort you out.

Our main focus here though is in the rather neat range of Official Xbox merchandise that Numskull have recently released to the public; a range that consists of no less than 7 rather wonderful items, from simple multi-coloured face button drink coasters, through to keychains, wallets, a snapback cap and more.

With the usual high quality that is found with all Numskull Designs products, it’s a relatively simple ask to be able to highly recommend any of the Official Xbox range, but without question, our favourites from this recent drop are found in the Metal Badge Heat Mug, the Achievement Unlocked’ Keychain and the Official Xbox One Carbon Fibre Wallet.

numskull xbox mug

Starting with what is possibly one of the standout items from this Official Xbox range and the Metal Badge Heat Mug does as it says on the tin. A glossy black outer finish, decent weight and ability to hold 400ml/12oz of liquid ensures that this mug will certainly take pride of place as you sip your way to victory across many gaming sessions. Created from high quality ceramic, it comes with a complex green Xbox design on one side, with the other embossed with a steel Xbox logo, extruding from the mug. This is in place for one reason – magic – and as you fill the mug with a hot drink of your choosing, will find that the X changes colour from the usual black over to a white. As a nice touch, Numskull have added some delightful humour to the underside of the mug too. How? Well, you’ll have to buy it to find out. It’ll set you back £12.99.

This Xbox range of gear also includes two different keyrings/keychains, and whilst it would be lovely to have a mini-controller hanging from your keys, it is the ‘Achievement Unlocked’ chain that gets our vote. As any Xbox gamer worth their salt knows, you aren’t a gamer unless you are chasing Gamerscore and this ‘Achievement Unlocked 0 – Lost My Keys’ tag is a great way of showing the outside world your Xbox love. Yes, the statement doesn’t really make sense – and surely ‘100g – Found my Keys’ would be a better bet, but we aren’t going to complain about this neat little rubber addition to our keychain for just £6.99.

And then that gets us on to the £14.99 Xbox branded carbon fibre wallet. Running in black with the iconic Xbox logo adorning the front face with a raised metal design, this carbon detailed wallet comes bursting with colour – a variety of greens and whites strike across it to deliver a brilliant outer design.

It gets better still though and opening it up we find plenty of room to stash that cash with two note compartments, a zipped coinage area and multiple card placements. Further to that is a lovely green Xbox logo inside – if ever anyone was in doubt of which system you game on, this Xbox wallet will happily tell the world.

Whilst those are certainly the ones we’d spend cash on, the full range of Official Xbox merchandise from Numskull Designs runs as follows and we’re pretty sure you’ll be more than happy with any of:

  • Official Xbox One Controller Button Coasters (4 pack) – £9.99
  • Official Xbox One Controller Metal Keychain – £6.99
  • Official Xbox One ‘Achievement Unlocked’ Keychain – £6.99
  • Official Xbox One Metal Badge Heat Mug – £12.99
  • Official Xbox One Pattern Socks – £7.99
  • Official Xbox One Pattern Snapback – £14.99
  • Official Xbox One Carbon Fibre Wallet – £14.99

Which will you be picking up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or by hitting us up on the usual social channels.

numskull xbox keychain

Massive thanks go out to Numskull Designs for providing the range of gear for review. If you’d like to pick up some of these goodies then you should ensure you head over to right now.

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