Harmonix have been kind enough to drop a whole ton of new tracks to Rock Band 4 since its launch, with weekly offerings giving players a decent reason to continue going back to the game on a regular basis. Now though, as they team up with ReverbNation and Firefly Music Festival, it’s time for Rock Band Rivals players to get access to some new tunes… for free.

The second release in Rock Band’s free ‘Discover Series’ initiative, Discover: ReverbNation and Firefly Music Festival is a collection of five songs featuring artists appearing at the music festival, with Rock Band Rivals players able to grab the content for free on Xbox One and PS4 from May 3rd 2018.


About ReverbNaition:

For over a decade, ReverbNation has been a pioneering force in the music industry. Using its extensive network of venues, festivals, brands, labels and publishers, ReverbNation has helped millions of emerging artists get better feedback, wider exposure, and deeper industry access. ReverbNation is one of the largest online music platforms, offering tools and services to help bands manage and advance their careers. Its unique ability to provide artists with opportunities to connect with new fans is one of the reasons why ReverbNation is considered a premier tastemaker for the music and touring industry.

About Firefly Music Festival:

For seven years and counting, Firefly Music Festival has been providing the East Coast with the festival it deserves. Firefly Music Festival is a premier music experience set among lush wooded landscapes, featuring renowned headliners and emerging artists. Witness unforgettable performances and discover the engaging attractions nestled around every turn. Taking place in The Woodlands, a space within Dover International Speedway, Firefly Music Festival’s earliest weekend featured several dozen artists across three days. Now, it’s built up to feature well over a hundred artists on seven stages across four whole days. Each space offers a different focus, so you can take in the more intimate performances on the Coffee House stage, dance to a silent disco in The Thicket, which is right in the actual forest, or check out who’s on the Firefly Main Stage. This year’s festival, scheduled from June 14 – June 17, features performances by Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, and many more. For more information on the Firefly Festival (including dates and lineup) please visit the Firefly Music Festival website.

With the history of both brands ensuring that this content is of the highest quality, we find that the Rock Band Rivals Song Pack includes five finalists from Firefly’s Big Break program, with this year’s winner, Fly By Midnight, taking centre stage.

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The full list of artists and tracks from the free pack is as follows:

  • The Bergamot – “Forget About Tomorrow”
  • Dolly Spartans – “I Hear The Dead”
  • The Eiffels – “Body Like That”
  • Fly By Midnight – “Vinyl”
  • Jocelyn & Chris Arndt – “Shame”

With unique drums, tricky guitar solos, disco inspired beats, big bass lines and vocal octave jumps, the tracks will no doubt go down brilliantly with Rock Band players on both Xbox One and PS4. Make sure you grab them from the 3rd May.


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