outward the three brothers dlc

The unique RPG experience delivered by Outward is set to be extended further in December by the arrival of another piece of DLC. Deep Silver and Nine Dot Studios have unveiled the details of this upcoming content, so let’s figure out what “The Three Brothers” is all about.

Following in the footsteps of the previous Outward DLC, The Soroboreans, The Three Brothers promises a raft of fresh content for keen adventure. When the gates open at launch, the path ahead will lead you to an entirely new region in the world of Aurai, called Caldera. It’s going to be packed with new adventures, dangers and secrets to discover. You’ll play an important role in the timeline of Aurai by joining the rebuilding efforts of an old Sirocco refugee camp. This enables you to provide the pitiable folks there a new place to call home – a new Sirocco. A home that’s filled with new quests, skills, weapons, recipes and pets. 

Important features of the Outward – The Three Brothers DLC:

  • City Building Mechanic: Rebuilding Sirocco – Create your own landmark in Aurai by helping the population to survive in this ruthless world! With the new City Building mechanic, you are part of rebuilding the Refugee Camp into New Sirocco.
  • New Area: Caldera – Aurai is expanding and Caldera is more than just a new landscape. New dungeons, quests and locations make it a treasure trove for every adventurer! 
  • New Skills, Weapons and many more – One new skill tree, Grenades and numerous possibilities to enchant your weapons, give you the tools to be more creative when it comes to the fight for survival! Forge your own unique combat style!

So, prepare to relight your lantern and get ready to hit the road once again this December, when The Three Brothers DLC releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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