The Knights of the Zodiac are coming as Bandai Namco confirm a couple of new additions to the Jump Force roster.

If you’re looking forward to partaking in a bit of Jump Force fighting action when Bandai Namco their next big hit on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come February 2019, then you’ll no doubt be delighted to hear that a couple of new additions have now been confirmed for launch.

From the iconic manga series Saint Seiya, fan favourite characters Seiya and Shiryu are members of the Knights of the Zodiac, a group of warriors that have pledged their lives to protect justice and peace across the world.

Pegasus Seiya is the Saint of the Pegasus constellation, known for his unbending resolve and unbreakable will in the face of evil. When in dire need, Seiya can call upon the power of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius, increasing his strength to its ultimate limit.

The second playable character from Saint Seiya is Dragon Shiryu. Protected by the Dragon constellation, he is one of the most composed of all the Saints. He is also one of the few Bronze Saints deemed worthy enough to wear the Gold Cloth. When in need the Libra Cloth, grants him immeasurable strength and access to all-powerful weapons to defeat any foe that stands in his way.

But that’s not the only Jump Force news today and also revealed is the Mayan City stage, where fighters will battle it out across the ruins of the ancient Central American civilisation.

Will you be one of those fighters? Let us know in the comments!

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