I have been playing the game known as Runescape for about three months now, which is not that long. If you are new to this game like I once was and have very little knowledge about this game, I hope these tips will help you:

– If you are not sure about something, feel free to use the Wiki link found at the bottom of the page.

– Participate in the daily challenges and involve yourself with the latest events, the keys & xp bonuses are nice, and you can earn a few appearance changes when it comes to your new Char.

– Find skills that you enjoy. I personally got my combat up by doing the slayer tasks which has allowed me to gain a lot more GP.

– A few items that are worth knowing about include the: Magic Notepaper, Luck Rings, Teleport Portables.

– If you are bored of one of the skills and you would like to try something different, try the D&Ds and minigames, you are able to earn xp for various skills.

– If you are finding it hard to destroy something, flasks/potions, summoning the familiars and gaining an understanding of how the combat works in the RS is the key to overcome the harder combat challenges on every level.

– It is much better to become a member as you are offered with more skills, quests along with a treasure hunter-key along with accessibility to all content in this game. When compared to the other mmos, it is quite cheap, you can also pay using gold that you have made from your game. You can get this gold from Food 4 RS

– Set goals. At the moment my goals involves being able to start at plague’s end and then reach 99 slayer. Setting goals for any content or skills is important to keep you interested in the game.

– There are scams that you need to know about. There are many top 10 scams that are featured on YouTube for Runescape. If you decide to watch twitch, avoid clicking on the double xp weekend-streams within the Runescape section.

The last tip is to always try to have fun. The tasks may be challenging but you should enjoy playing this game. I watch the films when I train for certain skills or listen to the podcasts during training for slayer. This is a chilled mmo that offers great content.