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Reckon you’ve traversed and navigated your way through enough dungeons to be able to do it with your eyes closed? Think again, for Shiro is here. 

Shiro arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with just a minimal little price point in tow, that of £4.19, but it offers up a journey that belies that price tag as you join the twin sisters of Holo and Shiro on an adventure into the most dangerous of dungeons. 

Well, if we’re honest, it’s not just the dungeons you need to worry about here and as you take charge of Holo, looking for her ever-lost sister in the caves of the evil with Satella, you’ll find a host of landscapes and areas to search. Ancient temples are present, as are dense forests. But it’s the dungeons that have got us, mostly because these are full to the brim with a host of enemies trying to put a halt to your rescue mission. 

Coming from the Xitilon team – the same team who are pushing out Obsurity today too – we’re not expecting a Game of the Year contender here in what Shiro can produce, but when you consider the low asking price and the chance to take in a new adventure, we reckon there’s enough to warrant a passing second look. 

If you do decide you want to give this one a go, head to the Xbox Store and pick up Shiro on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S right now. And if you’re unsure, hold tight for our upcoming review of the game. We’re working on it as we speak!

Game Description:

Holo and Shiro are twin sisters who travel the world since childhood in search of adventure. Once they were attacked by the evil witch Satella and took Shiro to her gloomy cave. Now Holo has to find his sister. Help Holo find her sister. Overcome a dense forest, an ancient temple, dangerous dungeons and destroy enemies in this pixelated adventure platformer!

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