Signs of the Sojourner

For a game genre based on little pieces of cardboard, it’s surprising how many card games opt to portray death, violence and combat. Luckily, we have Signs of the Sojourner, out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, which instead uses cards to represent the back and forth of conversations.

Signs of the Sojourner is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Switch. You’ll also find it on PC. 

It might seem odd on the face of it, but it makes immediate sense as you play, with cards acting as replies, chatterings, observations and arguments. If there’s a comparison, it’s dominoes, as you play cards that match the last one played, and then set up the next person to continue the pattern. If you and your opponent are successful in this collaborative matching game, then you will come to an agreement and your two characters will have a pleasant interaction. Mismatch, and your two characters will get off on the wrong foot or argue.

Getting along with people in Signs of the Sojourner’s world is important, as you are trying to maintain your own small business. You and your partner, Elias, are owners of a general store on the edge of civilisation, and surviving is often by the skin of your teeth. You need to have positive conversations so that you can bring in custom, find adequate stock for selling, and also to persuade the local caravan, driven by a character called Nadine, to keep stopping in your little town of Bartow. 

The game that runs parallel to all of the dominoes-style card-matching is probably Signs of the Sojourner’s best bit. You have to hop on the local caravans and choose your destination carefully. Each town has merchants and tourists who you can talk to, with the possibility of stock for your store, information on other towns and routes, and personal stories that might lead to a big pay-off. 

You only have five days worth of travelling in Signs of the Sojourner, so it’s a game built to be replayed. In our review, we found it to be well worth a try for the world-exploration alone, while the card game was a touch simplistic. Regardless, it’s a wonderfully crafted game and may well be worth your time. And hey, it doesn’t focus on beating up people.

Key features

  • Forge new friendships, rivalries, and connections through card game conversations
  • Play cards to match the tone and perspective of your partner or try to sell your own point of view
  • Make difficult choices – The consequences shape your deck and every conversation that follows
  • Meet unforgettable characters and grow alongside them
  • Five new characters introduced for the console versions (PC and macOS versions will be updated with the new content to coincide with the console releases) 
  • Explore the world, but also explore what it means to return home
  • Find rare and useful goods to aid your town
  • Many possible endings

Signs of the Sojourner is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £16.74 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on PS4, PS5, Switch and PC. 

Game Description:

Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative card game about connecting with people. Your deck is your character, reflecting your experiences and shaping your relationships. You take over your mother’s store after her death, traveling to diverse locations to acquire goods for the shop. Along the way, you’ll encounter optimistic stories, compassionate characters, and delightful surprises in a world where climate change has made life hard.

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