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We’re right on the verge of Staying Human with Dying Light 2, but once again we find Techland continuing to support the game that originally built the hype, as they push out a space-themed Astronaut Bundle for the greatest zombie title that has ever been created – Dying Light

Available to purchase, download and add into your base game of Dying Light, the Astronaut Bundle pretty much does as you would expect it to – it provides all the galactic goodies that you’ll need to take on the Dying Light hordes whilst kitted up like nothing before. 

It’s priced at a mere £2.49 and that should be easily low enough to warrant a punt or little look at what it brings. And should you decide to splash the cash, you’ll notice that the Dying Light Astronaut Bundle is actually pretty chockfull with content too, with everything you’ll ever need in order to stop a space invasion. 

The new V-9 Defender Suit is possibly the biggest addition, allowing you to feel safe from all enemy forces as you do battle. But that suit is complemented nicely with the arrivial of the V023 Eraser Laser Rifle, the V-40 Suspender Stasis Pistol and the V-27 Shifter – a Machete that switches up its effects after a good few hits. 

Further more is a new skin for your buggy too, letting you continue to embrace the V theme with the V-39 Star Rover. 

In all, expect this little lot…

  • Laser rifle—The V-23 Eraser—with laser ammo and a chance to burn your enemies.
  • Stasis pistol—The V-40 Suspender—that’ll put your enemies in stasis with every last shell in the magazine.
  • Machete—The V-27 Shifter—that changes its effect after several consecutive hits.
  • Outfit—The V-9 Defender Suit—with fall damage reduction.
  • Buggy skin—The V-39 Star Rover

Whatever you’re trying to do in Dying Light, we’re pretty sure that the Astronaut Bundle will be able to help with it. Much like the previous drops of the Hellraid Mode and Savvy Skin bundles allowed too. 

It goes without saying that you’ll need a copy of the Dying Light base game to hand, but since this is a game that has been doing the rounds for many a year already – but is still right up there with one of the best gaming experiences you could imagine – we reckon it’s safe to say you’ve got that in some form or another. 

And don’t forget, with us still #Dying2Know more about Dying Light 2, anything that is even vaguely Dying Light related is something that many will want to get hands-on with. 

Let us know if you decide to kit yourself out in the gear from the Astronaut Bundle. You’ll find a download from the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store and on PC.

DLC Description:

No time to space out, cadet! You’re the last one standing, and the future of Earth is in your hands. There has been some gravity disturbance around Harran, affecting both zombies and men. But we do trust you’ll use it to your advantage. To help you succeed, we’re equipping you with our latest Volkan technology. We’ve been working hard on developing the most advanced types of weapons, and we came up with something completely out of this world. Just what you’ll need to stop a space invasion. Hop in your new ride, the V-39 Star Rover, put on your V-9 Defender Suit, and let’s get down to business. One of our greatest achievements, the V-40 Suspender pistol, will put your enemies in stasis, giving you extra time to eliminate them. If you’re skillful or lucky enough, you can make them freeze in the air! The fall is certainly not going to be pleasant for them, but as long as they’re hanging up there, remember to say “cheese!” and smile—it’s gonna be your best picture ever. Once you’re done having fun with that, grab the V-23 Eraser, a rifle shooting laser bullets with a dazzling effect, which can set your enemies on fire. With this one, you’re sure to eradicate anyone and anything on your way. Things got personal and you got trouble deciding how you want your foes served? Poisoned, burned, or shocked? Slash the Infected with the V-27 Shifter and you’ll have all of these covered, as your machete changes its deadly effect after consecutive hits. Now, It’s time to give that space equipment a try and kick the unwelcome intruders out of Earth.

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