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With the hype surrounding Dying Light 2 beginning to ramp up considerably, you’d allow Techland the chance to forget about the game which spawned it all – Dying Light. But no, for on the back of a host of brilliant DLC drops for one of the greatest zombie title of all-time comes yet another addition, the Savvy Skin Bundle. And this one lets you become the 1337 G4m3R you’ve always wanted to be. 

The Dying Light Savvy Skin Bundle is just the latest in a whole host of lovely additions which have hit Dying Light ever since launch way back in 2015. It’s in recent times though that Techland have continued to keep their baby alive with the Platinum Edition, the Hellraid Mode and celebrations surrounding the Year of the Ox all having arrived in recent months. 

The Savvy Skin Bundle is just the latest of those and whilst it doesn’t really change too much up in terms of the gameplay, it will let the inner 1337 G4m3R inside of you break free. It’s priced at a mere £2.49 and will give you the opportunity to work with your tablet, some LED lights and a smattering of cables, turning it all into some of the most useful, most awesome combat gear yet. 

It’s a bundle which brings together not just an outfit in the form of the 1337 G4m3R gear, but the 4wheelz Buggy skin, a one-handed RGB AXE-Pad axe, the Next-Gen Maul Hammer and a rather cool and tasty LED Meta Bow. With shock damage applied to anyone – or anything – that gets in the way of the axe or hammer, this is a serious bit of kit which will ensure your time traversing the world is made all the more easy. 

It goes without saying that you’ll need a copy of the base game of Dying Light to hand prior to even considering a purchase of this pack, but from there on out you’re good to go with the usual digital stores – Xbox, PlayStation, PC – covering the bases. We’re primarily an Xbox orientated site and so wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t point you the way of the Xbox Store

With Dying Light 2 fast approaching (more details being revealed by Techland on that very soon), there is possiby never a better time to fall into that of Dying Light. And the Savvy Skin Bundle just makes the whole experience all the more enticing. 

Let us know what you think though. The comments are below. 

DLC Description:

Now, it’s time to show the infected your new gear! Chain at least three hits with the new one-handed axe—RGB AXE-Pad—to apply shock damage! Or, if you’d rather use something heavier, smash them with the Next-Gen Maul hammer. Use a charged attack to let its power flow through the circuit and shock your enemies. But sometimes it’s better not to come too close, and for that, you’ve got the LED Meta Bow. It glows, it shoots, and, most importantly, it keeps you away from the bloodthirsty monsters! But let’s not forget about the pinnacle of your crafting skills! Some extra lights here and there, just a little bit of polishing, and your buggy has turned into this cool 4wheelz ride! So, jump right into it, put on your 1337 G4m3R VR headset (Careful! It might affect your vision!) and let’s get out of this mess!

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