If breakneck speeds are the thing you look for when it comes to a good racer, then chances are that Redout won’t have passed you by. With tight corners, long straights, and super speeds within its pod to pod racing, it has everything needed to fulfil that true need for speed. If you’ve found yourself wishing for a few extra tracks however then on Redout has now delivered.

Available right now on the Microsoft Store (and the PC and PS4 equivalent) is the Redout – Space Exploration Pack DLC.

This latest content brings two complex racing experiences to the game straight from those high up at the SRRL headquarters. With the limits of the boundaries of the Solar system as your only limits players can now race across the Moon to experience the roots of human colonisation past the multiple sat comm arrays and gigantic reactors that now collect upon the moons surface.

From there you can move on to the hidden complex of Planetoid AR219. Shrouded by shadows of the Mughy1 organisation on the AR219 celestial body, Planetoid AR219 is now left as a stranded place in which broken satellites are all that remain after the years of races were finally interrupted by the SRRL.

Those who jump into the Space Exploration Pack DLC will find the following new content:

  • 5 new tracks in each of the environments as well as a new Boss track
  • 25 new events for Career mode
  • New liveries for all ships in the form of New Zealand, Formula and Smudge designs.
  • 5 new exclusive colors

Those wanting to get involved in the latest Redout DLC can find the Space Exploration pack available to buy and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for the price of £7.99.

Will you be getting involved in the latest DLC to hit the anti-gravity racer? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels and why not check out our full review whilst you’re there!


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