Do you enjoy playing poker? While many do it only in casinos or their attic every Friday night with friends, you can also play it on your PC or consoles. This is an excellent choice for poker fans and gamers who want to combine the two pastimes into one. If you find yourself in that category and you own an Xbox, you’ll find Pure Hold’em exciting.

Of course, you can just play poker in online rooms. There’s great choice of US mobile casinos online in 2021, and they all come with different poker variants. However, we think it’s much easier to just power up your Xbox and enjoy a few fun games of high-stakes poker.

A VooFoo Classic

Developed by VooFoo Studios and published by Ripstone Ltd., Pure Hold’em is a poker sim that’s been widely touted as the best for Microsoft’s console. It is available on Xbox One and the new X/S series and can easily be bought and downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

As the name suggests, this is a pure version of Texas Hold’em AKA the most popular poker variant of all time. As expected, the game looks great on last and current-gen Xbox consoles. The jazzy soundtrack and perfect replica of Vegas casinos will immerse you into a great atmosphere. Additionally, the lightning effects look great on the table, so all we’re missing is a glass of whiskey or cognac.

The user interface has been designed with Xbox in mind. It follows the structure of the Xbox HUD, so you won’t find it hard to play the game. You’ll be playing against AIs instead of human opponents. Whenever an opponent is pondering the next move, a progress bar will fill up, so you know what to expect.

Players have 15 seconds per hand, so you’ll need to move fast. That’s a bit different than playing poker in real life, but it adds to the immersive setting. There’s not a lot of thinking time at hand, but the game was always meant for poker enthusiasts. Of course, new players can enjoy it just as much, especially due to the fact that you’re getting free practice with fake money.

If you’re wondering how the game works with fake money, you’ll be earning virtual chips at various events before sitting at the big table. Pure Hold’em offers Joker and Jack tournaments as well as Aces and master’s events.

Microtransactions Possible

If you don’t want to defeat virtual opponents to get virtual coins, you can buy a stack of chips at a price. Like most games nowadays, in game-purchase (microtransactions) are allowed, so if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, you can get stacks of chips with ease.

Of course, we will only recommend making this move if you know what you’re doing. Playing the game against AIs, especially on the Hard levels won’t bring you much success if you don’t know the basics.

But even if you don’t, you can practice for free, and enjoy a few rounds of poker on Friday night without leaving your comfy sofa.