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It may have only rolled out onto PC in 2015, but it didn’t take long for Undertale to become a bit of a classic. Created by the one and only Toby Fox, it is a game that has notched up some serious acclaim in those years, with Steam reviews alone rolling into the Overwhelmingly Positive. Now though it’s time for this Undertale to come to console, with a release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and through Xbox Game Pass. 

Available right now from the Xbox Store (although admittedly, and rather strangely, currently without that Game Pass freeness but we’ll update this when that changes our end), Undertale will deliver you to a wonderfully unique RPG based world, one in which your actions will dictate any success. 

Coming with a price of £12.49, Undertale will let you get your RPG fix on, taking in a world in which choice is always at the heart of the action. You see, in Undertale, you don’t have to go around killing anything and everything you see – in fact, calmly sitting back and having a chat is more than doable. As is stroking a dog. Or dancing with a piece of slime. 

Of course, if you prefer to wander through the land with violence at the fore, you can do so and Undertale will cater for those looking for a scrap just as much as it will those preferring a calmer way of life. 

Throw in a soundtrack that promises to immerse you deeply, and a story that comes with a ton of humour and there’s much to love about Undertale and its arrival on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass. 

The Xbox Store will do the usual and let you in on the secrets it has to hold. Pay it a visit, grab a download and prepare to be wowed by an adventure like no other. 

Keep an eye out for our full review of Undertale on Xbox too. It’ll be along in the days ahead. 

Game Description:

The PC classic UNDERTALE comes to Xbox One! Explore a rich RPG world full of strange and delightful characters where violence isn’t the only answer. Dance with a slime…pet a dog…whisper your favorite secret to a knight…or ignore all of that and rain destruction upon your foes. The choices are yours—but are you determined enough to prevail?

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