Fancy a kick-back and the chance to explore a new world at your leisure? As NeonLore drops onto Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, it’s exactly that which you’ll be able to task yourself with. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, NeonLore from Playstige Interactive is a first-person viewed, free-forming exploration affair. A game that is brought to life by vibrant, neon-soaked cyber-streets, it’ll be up to you to wander this world, chatting with folk, uncovering secrets and attempting to understand how the world has become what it has. 

It’s priced at £4.99, which is silly cheap for the amount of offering on the table, but should you decide to pay up and spend some time with NeonLore, should no doubt be well rewarded in what you find. 

Puzzles and various character encounters are mostly the order of the day, with no less than forty folk to interact with as you go. With these guys frequenting a well created cyberpunked space and various audio books in place to further immerse, whether you’ve been burnt with previous cyberpunk-themed titles or not – Cyberpunk 2077 until it was next-gen enhanced, for instance – should matter little. 

The key features you’ll find in all sit as follows…

  • *Discover the world at your own pace.
  • *No failing or quests, you decide about how you explore the world.
  • *Beautiful, cyber-punk themed environments.
  • *Meet 40 different characters and learn about their backgrounds.
  • *Get access to 4 different audio books that contain 4 different cyber-punked themed novels, written exclusively for this game by sci-fi authors.
  • * Relaxing and exciting cyber-punk themed soundtrack.

Let us know what you think of NeonLore as it arrives for play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox download you need can be grabbed from the Xbox Store.

We may well drop a full review in the days ahead too. 

Game Description:

Neon-Lore is a first-person free form exploration game. You’ll meet interesting characters and discover what had happened to human race in the near future. As you will roam along the neon-soaked streets, you’ll discover what the world has become, how life goes on in a world of intriguing fusion of chaos and technological advancement. In Neon-Lore, you will solve puzzles and encounter with various characters and learn about their past life, dreams and fears…And get a chance to discover deeper about the social transformations that has impacted human life in the 21st century…

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