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Surprise, surprise. Xbox Game Pass continues to grow with new additions hitting the service, today. As sure as the sun, another month means Microsoft slides more games into the service, and inevitably, takes some out. 

This is on top of additions that have arrived in the service earlier in the month including UFC 4, Tropico 6 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered.

First up is Bloodroots which launches onto Game Pass the same day that it releases on Xbox consoles. Bloodroots is a blood-soaked, fast-paced action game centred around using everything as a weapon. On top of fun, arcade action, Bloodroots also presents players with an unmatched style taking inspirations from classic Samurai, Western and revenge films. 

Farming Simulator 19 is the next addition to the service and it’s a game you won’t want to miss if you’re a fan of farming simulators. In our review, we said that the game was “right up there in the farming entertainment world”. We were especially taken with its multiplayer elements along with the “visuals, gameplay tweaks and huge array of sandbox elements”. However, we did take issue with its lack of hand-holding which can make it a “hard one to recommend” for newcomers.

Finally, the psychological horror game, The Medium, is now playable via the Cloud. It has been available on Game Pass since its launch in January 2021 but now you can experience the scares anywhere you go, as long as you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Cloud streaming is also now available to all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers as Microsoft has recently taken the feature out of early access. Your Cloud gaming saves transfers over from your console or PC, so you can pick up where you left off, no matter where you play.

We were enamoured with Bloober Team’s latest outing thanks to its gripping story, technical prowess and stunning utilization of next generation technology. If you are a fan of The Medium be sure to check out Bloober’s previous work, Blair Witch, which is also featured on Game Pass.

The addition of these new games to Xbox Game Pass does however mean others need to leave. With EA Sports UFC and UFC 2 dropping out yesterday, today sees the removal of Endless Space 2 on PC, Downwell on PC and CrossCode across all of PC, console and the cloud. If you haven’t played those games yet, well, you’re going to have to start stumping up some cash. 

If you’re slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of games available on the service be sure to check out June 2021’s Xbox Game Pass highlights. Microsoft added some heavy hitters to celebrate E3, so it can be daunting to choose your next game to play. Regardless, you can’t lose picking between amazing games such as Yakuza Like A Dragon, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus or Darkest Dungeon. 

As always, enjoy the magic of Xbox Game Pass and remember to let us know which games you are playing from the service. The comments section is below. 

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10 months ago

Currently playing yakuza Like A Dragon.

This is my first game i’ve played in the series, it’s a wild but interesting story for sure.