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Originally released on PC, Switch and PS4 in 2020, the fast-paced action of Bloodroots is finally available on Xbox via Xbox Game Pass or the Xbox Store for £16.74. You can also grab it on the Nintendo eShop for £15.99, the PlayStation Store for £11.99 or Steam for £15.49.

Bloodroots tells the tale of Mr. Wolf, left for dead and hell-bent on revenge. He’s vastly outnumbered but this won’t stop him from cutting his way to the man that tried to murder him. Bloodroots combines storytelling, sound and presentation tropes from classic Westerns and Samurai movies to tell its revenge story.

This red-hot style translates over to Bloodroots main selling point, its gameplay. As a top down action game, Bloodroot’s defining feature is the ability to pick up any object as a weapon. There’s the usual, blades, hammers, guns; the slightly more DIY spades, bottles and pitchforks; then there’s the absurd stuff. 

Carrots, fish, wagon wheels and ladders are all deadly tools that you can use in the environment and they all have unique functions. For example, a raw chicken can be used to cover your enemy’s head, having them run wild – like a headless chicken. Ladders have a large area of effect as you spin it in circles making your enemies fly away, drenched in blood. The world’s your oyster… or weapon.

Bloodroot’s wide array of weapons becomes even more frantic when you consider how fast the game is. Not only is movement itself quick, but so is every part of the game’s design. Most enemies die in one hit but so do you. This doesn’t mean you should take your time since staying still will only leave your vulnerable. Weapons also degrade quite quickly, encouraging you to pick up everything around you the second you throw your carrot at a bandit’s skull.

There are also fun ways to get around Bloodroot’s levels while also murdering people, such as riding on a wagon or a barrel. Keep your combo up by launching yourself off right after running enemies over. Speaking of combos, you can battle for the best combos on worldwide leaderboards, meaning you’ll always have something to compete with.

Features include:

  • A world overflowing with makeshift weapons that not only change the way you fight, but how you get around
  • Improvise the most deadly combos and compete for fame on worldwide leaderboards
  • Fight your way through a variety of handcrafted levels, from forests to mountaintops
  • Experience a twisted Western revenge tale with a deranged cast of characters

It’s an improvise or die game but that’s what promises to make Bloodroots a gory, kinetic and satisfying action game. Go and pick it up right now from the Xbox Store – remember, it’s on Game Pass too if you don’t have the spare cash to hand. Oh, and it’s Optimised for Series X|S too.

Game Description:

One-hit kill die-retry murder ballet. Chain deadly combos by improvising your kills with utterly everything you can get your hands on: from carrots to plasma guns. Die and retry until you carve your way to vengeance in this fast-paced one-hit kill beat ’em up. Betrayed and left for dead, Mr. Wolf is hell-bent on finding his killer and enacting revenge – alone, and vastly outnumbered. Thankfully for Mr. Wolf, the world is your weapon in Bloodroots – a relentless action game that unfolds across the sprawling Weird West. You’ll choreograph spectacular, ultra-violent combos by making use of everything around you, from hatchets, to ladders, to…carrots? It’s improvise or die, as Mr. Wolf fights his way to the center of the mystery: why was he betrayed?

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