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Aliens: Fireteam Elite was one of the more surprisingly decent titles to come out of 2021. Our review from August sings its praises, yet today the second season of additional free content for the game – Season 2: Point Defense – releases.

Coming free of charge for all players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC players, expect to be treated to a brand new iteration of the co-op shooter in the form of the Point Defense mode. Much like the Horde Mode we have become accustomed to, Point Defense takes the traditional wave-based formula and tasks you with defending three points, deploying a range of temporary consumables that can be purchased with the Fabrication Points you earn during each wave. 

As well as the in-game rewards you can earn through playing Point Defense, Season 2 also comes with some brand new weapons, attachments and cosmetics that can be obtained through play or through the in-game store, and veteran players will be excited to hear the addition of Lifetime Stats, allowing you to brag to the rest of your fireteam at just how many xenomorphs you have disposed of. Finally, a few new challenge cards have been included to extend play time throughout the season.

Alongside the free release of Season 2: Point Defense, the second part of the paid Endeavour Pass DLC (titled the Nostromo Salvage Pack) is releasing, providing players with a number of cosmetic items themed around the USCSS Nostromo ship of Alien folklore. All packs released under the Endeavour Pass umbrella – including this Nostromo Salvage Pack, come part of the Aliens: Fireteam Elite Deluxe Edition (currently £57.99), or can be purchased individually for £7.99. Included in that pack are all of the following…

  • – Nostromo Crew Jacket Kit Skins (Available for: Demolisher, Doc, Gunner, Phalanx, Recon, and Technician Kits)
  • – Nostromo Flightsuit Kit Skins (Available for: Demolisher, Doc, Gunner, Phalanx, Recon, and Technician Kits)
  • – Parade Dress Beret Head Accessory
  • – Vintage Aviator Head Accessory
  • – Gas Mask Head Accessory
  • – Durag Head Accessory – Bomb Squad Weapon Color
  • – Opal Weapon Color
  • – Edge-Traced Crimson Weapon Color
  • – Edge-Traced Cyan Weapon Color
  • – Edge-Traced Violet Weapon Color
  • – Splinter Camo Titan Weapon Color
  • – Splinter Camo Venus Weapon Color
  • – Splinter Camo Mars Weapon Color
  • – Wolf’s Head Weapon Decal
  • – Turbocharged Weapon Decal
  • – Always Faithful, Always Forward Weapon Decal
  • – Biohazard Weapon Decal
  • – Celebrate Emote
  • – Mimic Xeno Emote
  • – Singing Emote
  • – Threaten Emote
  • – 3 Random Challenge Cards, 3 Random Consumables
  • – Bonus bundle of Requisition Credits and Rep Scrip

If you previously enjoyed slaying some xenos with your mates, Season 2: Point Defense of Aliens Fireteam Elite on Xbox, PlayStation and PC provides another great opportunity to jump back in.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is also now part of the Xbox Game Pass scheme too.

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