The Xbox has been a mainstay in the console gaming world for almost a decade. It took over where the Xbox 360 left off and satisfied the many complaints about the former console. Ask any gamer, and you’ll likely find a completely different top ten games list every time. Just like with online casino games, everyone has their preference, but this list is made up of the most loved fan favorites from the last nine years.

Image by Stat Knop via Pexels

20. Final Fantasy 15

The Final Fantasy series contains many much-loved titles, but this is the one most popular with Xbox fans. The open-world RPG takes place in Middle America, and of course, the over-the-top anime graphics give the game its traditional feel. There’s no shortage of monsters and beasties for you to take on with powerful magic and crystals.

19. Halo: Master Chief Collection

Yes, we know there was a lot of drama and a lot of complaints about this game, but at its core, it’s still an incredibly crafted title.

18. Rainbow Six Siege

This game is an interesting combination of horror and slasher aspects with a traditional first-person shooter. The sense of tension built up in Rainbow Six Siege using graphics and sound effects rivals the best horror games out there. 

17. Rise of the Tomb Raider

This game is, without a doubt, the best in the rebooted trilogy. Lara Croft is back in a braid-swinging, tomb-raiding adventure game that holds up today. While the story itself isn’t the best of all the games, the graphics and challenges more than make up for it.

16. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

This game truly is a marvel. Rarely does one title contain so many different aspects and still remain smooth and playable. Wolfenstein 2 is played in an alternative 60’s America where Nazis rule the country.

Image by Suludan Diliyer via Pexels

15. Devil May Cry 5

Capcom outdid themselves once again with Devil May Cry 5. While the aesthetics and style are built off previous titles, the game is authentic and unique. You need fast fingers to succeed at this one, as combos are the best way to win the day. The return of fan-favorite characters gave the game that little something extra.

14. Resident Evil 2 Reboot

Many fans were concerned about this remake, but thankfully it turned out that they had nothing to worry about. This reboot honored the original in all the ways that count. We’re back in Raccoon city just as the zombie plague starts to spread: everything is dark and frightening, and the camera angles keep you jumping at every movement.

13. Monster Hunter World

While the movie may have been a bust, Monster Hunter World for Xbox certainly wasn’t. You set out to track vicious beasties, kill them before they kill you, and harvest their nastiest bits to make yourself better weapons for the next hunt.

12. Fallout 4

Though this version fell short for a lot of Fallout fans, there are a number of redeeming qualities that got it onto the list. The voice acting is much improved, the gunplay is incredibly smooth, and the fact that you don’t have to open up crates to loot makes things a lot easier.

11. Resident Evil: Biohazard

2017 was the year that the original Resident Evil series got its groove back. This gory horror fest is incredibly immersive, so much so that we recommend playing it with the lights on. You’re on the hunt for your missing wife, and you’ll have to beat a number of mutated nasties to do it.

10. Destiny 2

The combination of multiplayer, combat, and character progression aspects in Destiny 2 makes the sequel more enjoyable to play than the original. The world, activities, and challenges are so much richer the second time around.

9. Overwatch

Overwatch reminds one of the most infuriating (if your internet connection isn’t fast enough), fast-paced, character varied combat games ever made. You can choose from a number of colorful characters and fight with bow and arrows, ice walls, and whip chins. Its replayability is one of the reasons it is so beloved.

8. Forza Horizon 4

All the races in Forza 4 are exhilarating from start to finish line. The insane showcase events from the previous versions make a comeback (thankfully). Such a whimsical aspect is uncommon in a racer, and we love Forza 4 all the more for it.

7. Ori and the Will o the Wisps

Oh, the visual delight that is Ori. The game is short but absolutely beautiful every step of the way; taking the bounding marsupial/cat/animal/thing through the game is seamless and good old-fashioned fun.

6. Fortnite

Enter one of the most hotly discussed games of the last decade. Fortnite was a clear example of a real cultural phenomenon; the 100-player battle royale is still beloved to this day.

5. Titanfall 2

This needs no explanation. If you’re a gamer, you’ve played at this game at least once and probably still do.

Image by Mike M via Pexels

4. Minecraft

Oh, how beloved is this simplest of games. Minecraft is loved for its nostalgic aspects and replayability.

3. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Odyssey really reinvigorated the Assassin’s Creed series after its short break and brought the game to a new generation who still love it today.

2. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

The left-of-center jokes, lunatic conspiracy theories, and wild mechanical aspects of Phantom Pain are only a few of the things that will keep you coming back time and time again.

1. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt 

Geralt and Ciri take our number one spot, unsurprisingly. The traditional folklore aspects of the game, the horrific beasts, waiting to be sliced into ribbons, and the expansion packs pushed this gem of a game to number one.