It’s been a surprisingly hectic week in gaming, but the reveals and announcements are relatively overshadowed by the news regarding the shutdown of Mixer. TheXboxHub team are ready to dive into the finer details of what’s going on and what the future holds for streamers. So, sit back and have a listen of TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 36, which also covers some exciting new information about Cyberpunk 2077, Crash 4, and much more.

This week we join Gareth, James and William, who have had a fairly busy few days themselves. They’ve watched a lot of football, seen a few films including The Raid, and have written a handful of interesting articles in order to keep occupied. Discussion about the imminent closure of Mixer soon arises though, with the trio sharing their opinion on the situation and whether people will welcome the move to Facebook Gaming. Could many streamers just head back to Twitch instead?

Talk eventually turns to the games they’ve played in the last seven days, which gives Gareth the chance to praise The Last of Us II very highly. Meanwhile, William spent time enjoying the beta versions of both Grounded and Crossfire X. James has been investigating a serial killer in Night Call as well as enduring the toxicity of Rocket League. And then finally they move on to the reveal of Crash 4, the release date for Project CARS 3, the story trailer of Marvel’s Avengers and the latest footage shown for Cyberpunk 2077.

As always, full show notes are available over at

If you are new around these parts then you should know that the TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a weekly podcast in which the team behind the written word get together to chat about all things Xbox, gaming, and life in general.

You can find this latest episode of our podcast on all the usual podcasting apps and options. That means it is available by searching for TheXboxHub on…

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