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We’re well into double figure DLC drops for Hunt: Showdown, as Crytek and Deep Silver continue to expand the lore and narrative found in their competitive PvE and PvP shooter. The latest to help extend things is that of The Came From Salem – and as you’d expand, the wicked witches come to the fore. 

Available to purchase and download right now, adding into your Hunt: Showdown game is the They Came From Salem DLC pack. It’s priced at £8.39, which is pretty much on an even level with those packs which have come before it. And like everything ahead of it – you know, the likes of An Unlikely Pair, the Beast Hunter and The Kid – it adds in a new Hunter, some seriously tasty bits of weaponry and more. 

The Came From Salem focuses on The Witch Hunter; a new Hunter with whom you’ll be able to traipse the world of Hunt: Showdown. With backstory and lore galore behind The Witch Hunter, you certainly won’t be left wanting in regards what this new character brings. 

There’s little to find but joy in the new weapons too, with a couple of options arriving in the form of the Witch Trial and Sister’s Keeper. As you should know for anything Hunt: Showdown related, the finer the weapons you have to hand, the better your chances of success. 

You’ll also find that They Came From Salem is able to provide a first aid kit too; the Rooted Apothecary. 

In order to enjoy this DLC pack, you’ll need to have a copy of Hunt: Showdown to hand. You’ll find the game present and correct on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. From there, the usual digital stores will give you access to The Came From Salem. It’s the Xbox Store which is the draw for us. 

Let us know if you decide to pick this one up. The comments are below. 

DLC Description:

When she was just a little girl, Circe’s grandmother sat her down and told her the history of the Elias family. She told Circe that while many innocent lives were taken in Salem, there was such a thing as a witch. They would parade around in the skins of women and haunt entire towns. They would attract young girls to their side so that when their costumes became too loose with age, they always had something new to slip into. Circe’s grandmother told her that it was the job of the Elias family to find these witches and end them, snuff out every single one until there was nothing but rumor and ash left. And so, Circe grew into a fine hunter of witches, ripping them out of the skins of their victims and setting them ablaze so they could return to hell. When the witches were gone, or at least in hiding, someone came to the Elias clan to ask them to join a new cause. While the terror was being controlled in New York, Louisiana’s plague was reaching a fever pitch and they needed an Elias for the cause. Her sense of duty and pride in the family name compelled Circe to head to New Orleans and join the Hunt thinking she would be back quickly and praying that her family would be safe until she returned. For three months Circe Elias took a Berthier improved with the trophies of witches into the bayou and hunted a new type of monster. For three months she wrote back home to check on her family and tell them of all the sights she’d seen. She wrote of the apothecary she visited everyday with old women who would fill her kit with salves and bandages. And most importantly, she wrote that soon she would be coming back home to bring her little sister Thula to New Orleans. Though the witches had disappeared, this new threat was just as important, and the swamps were the perfect place to train. When Circe finally arrived back home in Salem, she learned an awful truth: The Witches had not disappeared and, worse yet, they had come to her family for revenge. She rushed in only to see the pieces of her mother, father, and brothers. Thula was the only one left, barely alive and skin all gone. Thula only had enough life left to return the Nagant Circe had given her to protect herself and to warn her older sister. The last of the witches had taken Thula’s skin and gone to Louisiana to find Circe. As Thula took her last breath Circe decided: She’d go back to New Orleans to stay. She’ll continue to hunt the new monsters and wait for the old ones to show up in her sister’s skin. Then she’ll show them pain so unimaginable that her family will smile down at her from heaven.

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