Crazy Athletics – Summer Sports and Games Xbox

Sure, there may have been an Olympics this year – and the accompanying videogame too – but they were all rather tame weren’t they? I mean, at least in comparison with running a race whilst being chased by a dinosaur! Because that is actually a thing you can do in Crazy Athletics – Summer Sports and Games, releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam.

How crazy is crazy though? It is a bold statement if nothing else, but we can see just how mental Crazy Athletics will be thanks to a trailer. Check it out below:

Anyone else amazed at how much distance he got with that javelin throw?!

Crazy Athletics plays a little bit like a rhythm action game as you time your button inputs with what is shown on screen. Press them as close to the target as possible and keep your speed and momentum going.

There will be ten events in total including running, swimming, shot put, long jump and more. These will be played all over the world as you take in the sights of ten different locations and a total of 80 events altogether. Compete in local multiplayer or post your times to online leaderboards and compete for those gold medals.

Crazy Athletics is targeting 120FPS for those with a compatible monitor and Xbox Series X but will reach 60FPS on last generation consoles too. Turn those TVs up too as you select from over 100 indie songs, all loaded into an old school looking iPod!

Crazy Athletics – Summer Sports and Games is available to download now priced at £16.74. Stay tuned as we have a review coming soon where hopefully we can brag about all those gold medals we’ve won.

Game descriptionON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO! This is definitely the craziest summer sports game ever! Ten games and many more crazy tasks, with cartoon 2D graphics in 4K resolution and 120FPS/60FPS! The most celebrated sporting event in the world is here! The gameplay is unique: players must coordinate and hit the buttons in time with the circles that appear. It’s a musical feast! Hear 100+ different indie songs with vocals during gameplay. Compete against your friends with the living room multiplayer (up to four controllers) or help your friends get a better score by playing for a favorable wind! Enjoy simple, yet challenging competitions, including four running sports, two swimming sports, javelin, shot put, long jump and high jump! Victory and glory can be yours! Select your national athlete and participate in a huge adventure. Visit various places in the world (10 maps – 80 events) and compete in mini tournaments or single events. Start from novice until you become a real champion. There are 10 different techniques: 1 is the first and simplest and 10 is only for champs.

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