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Train Sim World 3 Thameslink ticks the timetable treats


train sim world 3 thameslink

We’re well used to Dovetail Games pushing content drops for Train Sim World 3. So it should come as no surprise when new timetable treats roll into play. Today, it’s the Train Sim World 3: Thameslink DLC which is front and centre. 

The latest downloadable content drop for Train Sim World 3, is the Thameslink BR Class 700/0 EMU pack. It’s priced up at £12.99. And from there is available for railway enthusiasts on the usual formats. That means, if you are on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC you can add in the Thameslink Class 700. 

Travel the Thameslink lines

A sleek and modern EMU, if you’ve navigated London in recent times, this will be all familiar. Working the Chatham Main Line down to Rainham, it’s an iconic part of the railway system. Replicated in all its glory, it includes a high level of detail, as you would expect from Train Sim World. 

With the interior seating plan nailed, you’ll get to take in the passenger information displays, the driver’s screens and more. There is also the chance for you to move between third rail and overhead power. Oh, and a host of safety boxes are in place to toggle. 

Going by the press blurb and since the release of the Southeastern Highspeed route – now upgraded and extended for Train Sim World 3 – the inclusion of the Class 700 is one that fans have been calling for, effectively completing the passenger timetable. Those requests are now fulfilled and with other locomotive Add-ons available for the route, this takes the total number of playable services to around 700.

There’s more though and players with the London Commuter and East Coastway route Add-ons will also be able to utilise Scenario Planner. That will in turn let them recreate regular Class 700 services from Brighton to London or their rarer trips through Lewes and Eastbourne.

Multiple options are available

And further, a bundle is also available for proper enthusiasts. This is the Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack for £44.99. This adds a host of Train Sim World 3 content for Southeastern Highspeed. And it includes the Railhead Treatment Train, ROG Class 37 and Class 700. If you’re looking for a perfect introduction to Train Sim World, or who have not played the Southeastern Highspeed route before, this will be of appeal. 

The Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack is on the Xbox Store. It’s playable on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. The Train Sim World 3: Thameslink BR Class 700/0 EMU Pack is there for £12.99 too. 

Expect to find the same new content on PlayStation and PC. Just remember, ensure you have the base game of Train Sim World 3 in your library first. 

Train Sim World 3: Thameslink BR Class 700/0 EMU Description

Please note: For the full experience, we recommend you own Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Highspeed which is available as a separate purchase.

Part of the Desiro City family, the Class 700/0 is a revolutionary EMU for London and South East commuters, bringing efficiency, capacity, and frequency to Thameslink’s network.

In May 2018, Thameslink began operating an all-new Luton to Rainham service. Take on the role of driving the Class 700/0 between Dartford and Rainham, stick to the schedule and provide the bolstered capacity to Kent and Medway. The centrally seated, capacious cab offers a view unlike any other, modern and ergonomic in every right for a truly 21st Century driving experience.

With scenario planning and livery designing, embark on as many journeys as you please, making full use of the AC and DC functionality.

The Thameslink BR Class 700/0 is ready for Train Sim World 3 duty!

Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack Description

Discover the ultimate UK route experience with Train Sim World 3: Southeastern Super Starter Pack!

On the 89-mile Southeastern Highspeed route, explore HS1 aboard the sleek Class 395, serving London, Ashford and Faversham. Run throughout Medway with the hard-working Class 375 and Class 465, as well as heavy-hauling freight with the Class 66.

Complete the passenger experience with the all-new Thameslink Class 700/0, which adds extra services between Dartford and Rainham! State-of-the-art and modern, the Desiro City perfects the commuter service in the Garden of England.

Embark on unique services with the Rail Operations Group Class 37 & Rail Head Treatment Train! Drag Class 375s in liveries old and new and shuttle the RHTT through Kent on leaf-blasting duty. Haul additional freight using wagons from the BR Heavy Freight Pack.

Drive 27 scenarios and 600+ services on Southeastern Highspeed!

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