INFERNO_XBOX1_PackageIf you’re after a new accessory for your Xbox One controller, then KontrolFreek have got you sorted with their brand new Inferno range of thumbsticks. Fancy checking them out as we give them a look over?

Watch below as we unbox the new KontrolFreek Inferno thumbsticks for Xbox One. Coming complete with the iconic spiral pattern found previously on the KontrolFreek Vortex sticks, the red top and black underside are a combination made in heaven. Combine that with two high-rise 10.4mm sticks and the Inferno’s look like they will be a superb addition to the growing KontrolFreek arsenal.

We’ll have a full review for you real soon, but for now, and without further ado, watch as we unbox the KontrolFreek Inferno thumbsticks for Xbox One.

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