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There may be just the smallest of windows for Dionous Games’ Watch Over Christmas to make a mark, but after previously releasing on PC and Nintendo Switch, it’s now time for the point-and-click madness to unfold on Xbox. There’s a chance this will be the most Christmassy game you will play this year. 

Sold as a point-and-click adventure with a modern-day twist, Watch Over Christmas arrives on the Xbox scene to deliver a tale; one that focuses on Cisco, a 12-year old boy who is the only one who can save Christmas. See, old Santa has been kidnapped and without him, Christmas just does not happen. It’ll be up to you to find the big man and ensure the magic sweeps across the globe. 

Priced at £14.24 from the Xbox Store, Watch Over Christmas works story-driven angles, adds in classic point-and-click elements and provides enough exploration and puzzle solving opportunities to ensure you’ll be playing it from here, right over Christmas and possibly beyond. 

With no less than sixty superbly drawn backgrounds in place, an original score to aid immersion and a certain special companion to help you along, we’re not sure there’s much to dislike about what Dionous Games have put together. If there is, we’ll be sure to explain all in an upcoming review. 

To check out Watch Over Christmas for yourself, hit up the Xbox Store and play it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. It’s on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch too. 

Game Description:

Santa has been kidnapped and Holidays are at stake. Watch Over Christmas is a unique Christmassy game that tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Cisco, who is called upon to save everyone’s most beloved holiday. On the night just before Christmas, an unexpected visitor will inform him that Santa has been kidnapped and that he is the only hope of saving Christmas as we know it. Through numerous fun and challenging puzzles, Cisco will find himself on a quest to rescue Santa and the magic of Holidays. Watch Over Christmas is a game designed with all the elements of classic point-and-click adventure games with a modern twist. Story-driven, no moon logic puzzles and beautiful exploration are the key elements that unfold the magic of playing and offer a Christmas experience suitable for all ages. More than 60 stunning hand-drawn backgrounds, an original score, and a special companion are just a few features that complement the game’s atmosphere.

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