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It’s been a busy month for gaming, with a large number of newly added backwards compatible titles, fantastic indie releases and of course today marking the year’s first big release in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. But if you’re yet to catch up with the whirlwind events of the month, then why not sit down, relax, and take in some of the new deals on offer with Xbox Live Deals With Gold.

Before you do, let’s go through and see which one’s are worth the cash and which ones should be left to hide at the back of the store. You’ll find the following discounted between the 24th-30th Jan 2017.

GrabTrackmania Turbo – 60% off – £12.00


There may well already be plenty of top notch racing titles out there for you to choose from, but whilst they may hold fantastic visuals or breath-taking realism with the roaring engines that scream by, one thing they rarely offer is the level of tension found in Trackmania Turbo.

With hundreds of tracks to master, all complete with tight turns and hectic loops at every opportunity, Trackmania Turbo requires the very best from its players, especially when the slightest of movements can quickly turn into the biggest of mistakes, leaving your car piled into the local scenery instead of shaving those vital milliseconds off your time.

You should definitely pick this one up for your collection.

Grab – Assassins Creed Chronicles – Trilogy – 50% off – £10.00


Although the first game in the trilogy may well have been given out some time ago with the Games With Gold scheme, there’s no denying that ten pounds for the entire collection is a bit of a no-brainer.

Assassins Creed Chronicles – Trilogy takes that gameplay away from the usual open-world action adventure found in the main series and puts players into a 2.5D world of side scrolling combat, fantastic stealth opportunities, and of course well-crafted assassinations. Sure, the excitement brought to the main series may well have taken the light away from these ingenious titles, but anyone left fancying themselves as the perfect assassin should be heading off into the sunset with this great trilogy.

GrabSpy Chameleon – 50% off – £2.00

spy chameleon review red

Tom Cruise may have given the world a never-ending onslaught of Spy-on-a-mission-type films already with the Mission Impossible saga, but every now and then having a new hero can provide all the excitement needed to create something special.

That’s certainly the case with Spy Chameleon.

Taking on the role of the colour changing RGB agent, players work through seventy-five increasingly difficult and puzzling levels, across five crazy missions whilst trying to avoid being spotted. This is helped by the secret agent’s ability to change to a variety of different colours to blend in with his surroundings. Whether you’re an avid speed runner or just here for the challenge, Spy Chameleon is sure to excite.

For just £2.00 what have you got to lose? Jump in and bring out all those childhood years of wanting to be Mr Bond once more.

LeaveTrials of the Blood Dragon – 50% off – £6.00

trials blood 3

I know, I know. I’m telling you to leave a Trials game, and whilst it’s on offer for just £6 too.

But I’m not crazy. Not really.

Had this been any other entry in the epic series of mind-bending platforming courtesy of a trials bike, then I would certainly have this right up there with those other epic deals. But Trials of the Blood Dragon isn’t like its predecessors. In fact it’s the Trials game that nobody wanted, yet we still somehow ended up with.

Although the few bike levels included are rather enjoyable, they are rather few and far between, with the rest of the game taken up by other vehicles heavily unsuited to the classic Trials gameplay, including levels taken up with a jet-pack and on foot. This is not what we’ve come to expect is it? So, whilst I will keep your mind at ease and agree the Trials series is fantastic, this is one title we should just forget ever happened.

Leave – Ghostbusters – 60% off – £16.00


Ahh, Ghostbusters. Who you gonna’ call and all that. Unfortunately, 2016’s iteration of Ghostbusters wasn’t quite what we expected it to be. Or maybe it was, after all aren’t most movie tie-ins usually a bit pants?

If you’re a fan of Ghostbusters, then surely the go-to game is the classic arcade title from Xbox 360? With backwards compatibility, it’s now an option and for much cheaper than 16 quid too. Unfortunately, whilst last year’s title is quite similar to the previously mentioned arcade title, the price point doesn’t match, even on sale, and with a lack of content on offer and nothing exciting as far as the story goes, this is one title you should avoid this week.

So, that’s our do’s and don’ts for the week, and there are some cracking titles in there too. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below.

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