Bingo is a game with a rich and varied history that dates back to around 1530. It slowly travelled around the world to become a hit with a fairly substantial percentage of the population. Within the United Kingdom, the game developed a passionate fanbase, and this exploded further in the 1960s. Bingo halls started to pop up in pretty much every town and city and the game has moved with the times.

Many more options now for bingo lovers

We have seen bingo take off in different virtual and online environments. Whilst it will never take away from playing with your friends, it has provided an accessible alternative. If you want to play bingo online, you will see that websites such as Paddy Power offer plenty of new variations on the classic formula. In addition to this, there are several bingo games launched on traditional game consoles. Let’s explore some of the games available on the Xbox family of consoles and devices.

Golden Royal Bingo!

Take the game of bingo and include a Golden Royal twist. That is the easiest way to describe Golden Royal Bingo! The game allows you to play and compete against your friends and family or the computer, and you can do it all in 4K Ultra HD. It certainly makes a nice change of pace if you’ve spent an evening playing Halo or Gears of war. 

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

This is a title worth looking at purely for the variety of casino games available. Bingo is featured and provides another variation of the classic formula in some unique virtual surroundings. It was also released on several other consoles and picked up a substantial fanbase. A key element of its success has been that it provides the gamer with a fully functioning virtual world full of real-life players.

Bingo Hall

Playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, this is a game with twenty playable versions of bingo. It is also more than suitable for those less familiar with these consoles. One gamer commented: “I love that I can always see the already called numbers, and they’re big enough for everyone to see. It makes for a fun and easy game night!”

The ongoing evolution of bingo on our games consoles

With bingo remaining such a popular pastime, it’s no surprise that developers see the benefits of creating a new bingo experience or even just including it as a mini-game within a bigger title. Developers are now capable of creating bigger and better bingo experiences, and games like Golden Royal Bingo and The Four Kings Casino and Slots wouldn’t have been possible in a previous era. It will be interesting to see if we see more games that utilise the community aspect of bingo. It will be worth staying informed to see what bingo games are released on the Xbox Series X/S over the next few years.