Inkulinati is an ink-based strategy game that has been inspired by medieval scriptures. And it’s coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview this coming winter. And yes, there’s that Game Pass hit too.

From developer Yaza Games and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment is the announcement that their one-of-a-kind, ink-based strategy game Inkulinati will launch on Steam Early Access and Xbox’s Game Preview scheme in the winter of 2022. Expect to find it making the most of Game Pass too.

A game that focuses on mythical creatures, humanoid beasts and eccentric drawings – the Middle Ages were full of fantasy – Inkulinati. looks to have it all. Better still, the announcement today comes alongside a freshly inked trailer which showcases the game’s stylish interpretation of medieval manuscripts, alongside turn-based strategy battles in which a rabbit’s bum can be more dangerous than a dog’s sword.

When it releases this winter, you’ll get the chance to assume the role of a mighty Inkulinati who wields the power of Living Ink: magic that brings illustrations to life on the page. Playing out on the game’s 2D book-battlefields, the inked creatures follow their masters’ commands, fighting against beasts controlled by rival Inkulinati.

To gain an edge over their enemies, players can collect new Living Ink and tinker with their bestiary to find strategic compositions for their next duel. New servants can be unlocked throughout the game, adding peculiar abilities to the Inkulinati’s arsenal, such as human-eating snails or lodging trumpets in bottoms.

It’ll be up to you to move your teams with foresight and cunning, all as you hope to beat your opponents— among them some medieval superstars, such as Death and Dante Alighieri. As Inkulinati, you have the power to personally intervene in battles, but so do your opponents! You’ll have a ton of special abilities at your disposal, helping squash hostile troops with bare fists, draw up obstacles or move your own fighters across the map at the snap of a finger. One action can turn the tide of the whole battle.

Inkulinati will come with a demanding single-player campaign, with the goal of rescuing your master, or the ability to challenge other Inkulinati locally in a revival of the old-school hot-seat-mode. The game features intricate maps that influence duels, allows for different gameplay styles, promising to captivate with a unique art style, and a special kind of dark humor.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop ahead of launch on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview this winter along with Game Pass support – there may even be news of further platforms in the future (Nintendo Switch, anyone!?). If you cannot wait to wield the mighty quill, Inkulinati will be playable at the Xbox Booth and the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom.

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