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Standard golf is so last year. After the success of Turbo Golf Racing, today sees another release that takes the basic golf format and smashes it head-on with another genre. This time around it is the roguelike genre being fused with golfing. Cursed to Golf is out today on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

I’m sure some people would quite like the idea of being cursed to play golf for eternity. This is what has befallen our hero in Cursed to Golf; literally forced into nothing else but golfing.

To make matters worse, if you fail to make it to the cup under par, you have transported back to the beginning to start again from scratch. There are numerous abilities and things to find however that will make your life a bit easier. Shot Idols can increase the number of shots you can take, and Ace Cards can grant you over 20 abilities to get you to the final hole. Waiting there though will be a final boss to defeat. Complete all this, and then you can move along to the next course.

We never said this would be easy.

“We’re so excited that people are finally being let loose on our dungeon-like course today on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC,” said Chuhai Labs’ Game Director Liam Edwards. “Best of luck beating my scores on the online leaderboard!”  

“A quote? Dude I dunno, just like… buy it,” said Mark Lentz, Producer at Chuhai Labs. “It’s a Thursday, treat yo’self.”  

Cursed to Golf also features:

  • Explore the golf-themed world and characters of Golf Purgatory
  • Precise “Golf-Like” gameplay across a randomly-ordered course in 4 biomes
  • Navigate tough dungeon-like holes filled with wacky hazards
  • Golf in style using over 20 unique Ace Card power-ups
  • Challenge the world in online leaderboards
  • 70+ holes will keep you swinging for eternity

Cursed to Golf is on the Xbox Store from today. Also available on PlayStation, Switch and PC. Stay tuned for our review coming very soon, if we can ever break this curse. It hasn’t helped our handicap at all.

Don’t forget to let us know if you are picking this one up in the comments below.

Game description

Cursed to Golf offers a fresh take on the golfing and roguelike subgenres. Make your way through a hole within the PAR Count or your curse will take you back to the beginning of the course! To add to the challenge, these courses don’t just have bunkers and rough spots but are also chock full of mad obstacles like high powered fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters and a whole load more. It’s all par for the course in this twisted take on the classic game! Being cursed to play golf forever in the eternity of Golf Purgatory has its benefits, too! Use Birdie-Eye to catch a view of the whole course and see what trials lie ahead. Par count running low? Luckily, gold and silver Shot Idols are peppered throughout the holes, smashing through them with a cinematic flourish will replenish your shots. Ace Cards will turn the odds back in your favour, channeling your otherworldly powers to manipulate the game in incredible ways. Scattershot, U-Turn, Rocketball, Mulligans are just some of 20+ cards you have up your sleeve to turn the tide back in your favour!

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