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5 of the best Golf games on Xbox One


Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the fact that the wonderful world of golf is enjoyed by many. When the weather is cold and miserable though, or you just can’t get out of bed to make that stupidly early tee time, the draw of the Xbox One sitting under your television is perhaps just too much to ignore.

But that’s not to say you can’t still get your golfing fix as there are now a number of well rounded golfing titles available on our favourite games console.

So don your long socks, get your spikes on and prepare to settle down as we drive you through 5 of the best golfing titles on Xbox One. It’s not always a good walk ruined you know.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Golf

After the demise of Tiger, a new superstar had to take the reins of EA’s golfing series. It made utter sense for that superstar to be the darling of worldwide golf, Rory McIlroy.

But following on in the great man’s footsteps isn’t an easy task, and depending on who you ask, you’re likely to get differing opinions as to whether the latest golf title to come fmarom EA is with the bother.

It’s certainly not the blockbuster that we saw down the years with Tiger’s efforts and with a lack of courses, options and game changing features, many will be left disappointed by the Irish cover star’s effort. But hey, it’s still golf, it’s still from EA and it’s still one of the best options there is should you wish to play the beautiful game the right way. And those things in themselves mean it should really be hit up.

Its appeal heightens massively again if you are one of the smart people who own an EA Access pass too, as Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has been rocking up on the Vault for some time. Available to be played for free, or at least for the cost of the EA Access subscription, it’s a bit of a no brainer really.

Dangerous Golf

Yep, it’s golf. But not as you know it.

From the creative minds which were influential in pushing the crazy world of Burnout, you’ll quickly understand why Dangerous Golf is unlike all other golf titles. The seriousness that is usually associated with whacking balls around a course has been removed and instead a world full of destruction has taken hold.

You see, Dangerous Golf is about one thing, and one thing only…creating as much havoc with your ball as possible. Oh, and its about earning high scores in the process – because what’s a game if you can’t brag to your mates? You won’t find any well kept greens, or any vast expanses of open land to swing away with though, instead being placed in the halls of an English castle, complete with busts and works of art, a pot-filled American kitchen or a French palace, rammed with plenty of champagne bottles to hunt down and smash to smithereens.

For everything you hit, a score comes your way, and a Smashbreaker meter will helpfully see your points total rocket, all before leaving you to sink that all-important final putt and be crowned Burnout Go… sorry, Dangerous Golf champion.

If you can find a mate to grab for some fun online play too, then you’re going to be quids in.

Powerstar Golf

The original golf game for Xbox One has gone through many changes since it arrived as one of the first next gen console titles.

Gone is the price tag behind it, instead seeing the base game appear for free with further courses, golfers and all manner of other golfing add-ons sitting pretty behind a pay-to-play wall. But still in place is the cartoony, fun look, the awesome super powered shots, the brilliantly created skill-sets and multiple characters for you to get acquainted with.

Don’t expect to see the likes of Augusta National, Pebble Beach, Muirfield and St Andrews, or even Sergio Garcia, Adam Scott, Jason Day or Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston in place though, as Powerstar only deals in the likes of City Park, Rocky Ridge and the Emperor’s Garden with the brilliantly named Henry Copperbottom and friends providing their skills.

However you pick up Powerstar Golf though, either for free or by utilising an old paid-for version, you’ll find yourself loving the fun, over-enthusiastic nature that it brings. It’s a great little time waster and should be the right up on your list should you be looking for a ‘fun’ golf title.

The Golf Club

If you want serious though, then serious is what you’re going to be getting with The Golf Club.

A sequel may soon be on the way, but for now, anyone who likes to don the right golfing gear, follow the required etiquette right down to the letter, or thinks of themselves as something of a big hitter on the local golfing circuit, then The Golf Club will be their best bet.

With gorgeous, randomly generated courses bringing all manner of variety to the game, a full career mode allowing for various skill levels, and tournament play to let you show those skills off, The Golf Club is the real deal in the golfing world. You may not find yourself messing around with power shots, huge unrealistic swings or any other kind of stupidness, but you will find something that tries to replicate the game as well as it possibly can.

…and if you think of yourself as the next Big Easy or Lefty, dreaming about creating your own unique golf course, then The Golf Club is where you should be heading as the course creator is one of the most in-depth we’ve ever seen.

Basically put, if you consider yourself as a bit of a golfing aficionado then The Golf Club is the one for you.

ACA NEOGEO Turf Masters

The latest golfing game to arrive on Xbox One is in fact the oldest. Decades old in fact.

As part of the recent influx of ACA NEOGEO titles which have all cropped up on Xbox One, Neogeo Turf Masters looks like it has come from another world, especially when placed alongside the visual delights of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour – but graphics never made a game and should you be willing to stick at it, will find that Turf Masters brings a decent degree of enjoyment.

There are only a few courses included, four in fact, but these will whisk you off to the lands of Germany, the USA, Japan and Australia, with each in turn bringing its own unique little challenge. It is in these challenges which the majority of Turf Masters’ gameplay is found, and the better you do, the more birdies you sink and the straighter your drives become, the more holes will open up for you to experience.

It may be retro and complexity may not be its bag, but Turf Masters positively plays on the old-skool vibe it brings. And the old-skool price which accompanies it.


So there we have it, 5 of the best golf games currently available on Xbox One. What do you think of our choices? Have we shot under par with this one? Will we be vying for the green jacket sometime soon? Let us know in the comments below.




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