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Are you ready to crash and burn? Or will you be able to prove yourself as the perfect traffic coordinator, helpfully ensuring that traffic on the local streets can manage to navigate their way safely? Whichever it is – and we’re hoping it’s the latter – Perfect Traffic Simulator is here on Xbox One.

Priced at £8.39 and available to purchase from the Xbox Store this very minute, Perfect Traffic Simulator sees you taking charge of a world without drivers as you are left to try and help the vehicles in place safely pass through 30 challenging levels. How you’ll do this is by taking control of each vehicle, before strategically moving them – at high speed – past each other.

With more than 20 different vehicles in place, each of which will deliver a new test, and a random weather and time mechanic keeping things fresh, if you think of yourself as some kind of traffic warden, happily utilising your skills across a variety of scenarios then this may well suit.

Throw in the promise of ‘Realistic physics in all conditions’ and some tunes that are sure to keep you chilled, and the arrival of Perfect Traffic Simulator on Xbox One should be one to consider.

If you agree, get over to the Xbox Store right now. If you don’t, go and play Danger Zone. Or maybe even Danger Zone 2. It’s quite simple really.

Game Description:

Imagine the world without drivers. It can’t end well… unless you will control them before they start their journey! Take control of each car on the streets and strategize your moves so cars driving on full speed smoothly pass by each other without waiting any second in the traffic! Each scenario will require different approach so please, be careful- with great power comes great responsibility.

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