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If you love to indulge in a good puzzler from time to time, and maybe want to get some friends or family in on the act, then look no further than Access Denied on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, which tasks you with nailing on your safe-cracking hat and getting down to work!

Taking place in a seemingly advanced and futuristic world, Access Denied puts you in the tense but unique job of a professional safe-cracker. Stealing data by breaking down multi-layered safes is the name of the game, and some top-notch smarts will be needed if you wish to complete every layer of encryption to get at the stored data inside each safe.

Available right now for digital download, this means that, at launch, we find a total of 36 levels included in Access Denied, with the idea that each is more difficult than the last, all coming with a few ‘modules’ to solve. These modules are normally simple in principle, but of course the real skill comes in figuring out their solution, which could take minutes or hours for all we know! It’s all very much alike to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – the obviously similar title that became a sleeper hit not too long ago. Just replace bombs with the much less dangerous safe cracking needs, and the necessary skills can be transferred pretty well.

While Access Denied on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch is totally playable for the solo gamer, two or more minds are usually better than one (except on the off chance you are a government grade code-cracker!), so involving others will add that extra layer of speed and enjoyability to proceedings. You could obviously work together, but competing against each other for the fastest completion time can work just as well.

If you are on the hunt for a real mental test, either for yourself or as a group, then Access Denied looks to be the game for you. It is available from today on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Store has it available for pick up on Xbox One for £4.99 (with an initial launch discount taking that down to just £3.99) which seems a pretty good price given the replayability value alone.

Our full review will of course have all the relevant details that you will need. It’s coming soon but in the meantime you could always check out the trailer below.

Game Description:

Crack the code, bust open protected boxes and don’t forget the cake! Calling all safe-crackers and lovers of puzzle games! The time for testing your brain, whilst listening to rain and thunder has arrived, as try your hand at a series of puzzles that are playable across 36 levels. From rotating dials, imputing numbers and other commands, your work will be cut out for you, but in the event your mental puzzle-solving prowess comes through for you, you will get the chance to have your cake and eat it too! Will access continue to be denied to you, or will you defy all odds and overcome all hurdles? There is only one way to find out. Features: * 36 levels * 3D graphics * No hand-holding tutorials * Realistic sounding rain and thunder * Increasing puzzle difficulty throughout

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