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You may not immediately associate the frenzy of a local-multiplayer arena battle with the subtlety and silence of stealth, but At Sundown: Shots in the Dark on Xbox One, PS4, PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch is here to try and change that perspective.

Releasing today on those three consoles nearly a year after first promised – Xbox One, PS4 and Switch – and on Steam, At Sundown: Shots in the Dark is a top-down multiplayer shooter that holds stealth close to its heart – using shadows and darkness will be key, as it is stealth that will prove the most successful method of attack. Across each map, areas of shadow and light will be constantly changing, making it so that you will have to traverse the map efficiently, and silently, to be continually ambushing your foes.

At launch, At Sundown will be found to contain a number of exciting and powerful weapons that you may choose to rock and attack with, as well as a good range of power-ups that, when collected, will see your character be gifted with a certain buff, giving you the edge over your opponents.

Across the 4-player local and online multiplayer offerings, there are a multitude of different modes to choose from (as well as team variations of each mode if you fancy partnering up), but while the objective may change, the way you go about it will stay pretty much the same. Just remember – stay in the dark and strike when the time is right!

And aside from the chaos that is the versus multiplayer, you may want to indulge in some cooperative play, whereby you team up with some mates against the AI, or play the Challenge Mode in preparation to grab those bragging rights when it comes to competitive play!

If you fancy picking up At Sundown: Shots in the Dark on Xbox One then you can do so by visiting the Xbox Store and opening the wallet for £15.99 – although if you are quick enough, you may well find a tasty little discount in place. You can also grab the game on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

However you decide to play At Sundown: Shots in the Dark, you may well like to check out our review. It’s coming very, very, soon.

Game Description:

At Sundown: Shots in the Dark is stealth driven, top-down multiplayer shooter in which up to 4 players compete in both online and local deathmatch. With a variety of cool weapons to take each other out with and multiple maps across 6 different zones, only the BEST will dominate each round and survive the ultimate challenge to rise to the top at sundown! UNIQUE STEALTH DRIVEN ARENA COMBAT – Unique stealth driven arena combat with dynamic twists and turns where the maps are covered in darkness and light is your enemy. ONLINE & LOCAL MULTIPLAYER – Compete with up to 4 friends in online deathmatch or at home in local deathmatch to see who will dominate! PLAY CHALLENGE MODE OR CO-OP VS. AI – Play co-operatively against AI opponents or take on special challenges to prepare for the live showdown. 6 UNIQUE ZONES WITH MULTIPLE MAPS – Dominate your opponents across multiple maps, each with different light mechanics. Unlock new zones as you level up!

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