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Tamarin Review

Tamarin on Xbox is a game that does not know what it wants to be, one capable of completely blindsiding player expectations. It’s simply a weird game, perhaps one of the weirdest in the platformer genre. Still, the real disappointment is just how boring and bare the third person shooting action is, with no real sense of rewarding level design or progression.

Alchemic Cutie Review

Alchemic Cutie on Xbox is an interesting but tough sell. It no doubt has its charms and strengths, and yet its distinguishing ideas lack real substance in execution; the experience as a whole can feel pointless for a genre that is known to champion a pointless slice of life loop in the first place.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Review

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a solid and enjoyable remake of a Harvest Moon classic. Yet while you get to enjoy a classic experience intact, it also feels incredibly dated given the other options available on Xbox today.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Review

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy- Definitive Edition on Xbox is an overpriced and poorly produced release which does absolutely no favours to the classic games it attempts to celebrate. The experience here is far from definitive, and aside from the sheer laziness in the graphical remastering and performance, it introduces a whole slew of performance issues.

Mr. DRILLER DrillLand Review

Mr. Driller DrillLand on Xbox is an enormous release, one which revamps a true classic that is worth playing even today. The core Mr. Driller gameplay is at its very best here, and is situated in an experience which offers a ton of gameplay variety and extra content. To top it off, the presentation alone will win you over with its charm and fabulous soundtrack.  

Exclusive interview – Chameleon Games divulge how ex-Rare talent helped Tamarin thrive

Back in 2019 we heard from Chameleon Games and their plans for release of Tamarin on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. It was one we had huge interest in, mostly as a bunch of ex-RARE talent were getting involved. In the two years since, this delightful looking adventure has released on both PlayStation and PC, but until now Xbox players have been left wanting. But now it releases on Microsoft's systems, and it was that renewed Xbox interest which allowed us to go to the founder of Chameleon Games - Omar Sawi - in order to find out more about the game.

Okinawa Rush Review

Okinawa Rush on Xbox is a welcome retro style romp, one which features an enthralling fighting system set within a challenging action platformer adventure. Some of its many ideas may occasionally clash with each other, but the experience as a whole is far greater than the sum of its various moving parts. 

Airborne Kingdom Review

Airborne Kingdom on Xbox is a unique experience for the platform, and one that executes its gameplay ideas comfortably on console. It’s got a great vibe and setting, and the gameplay itself is engaging as you relish in the satisfaction of seeing your sky kingdom come alive. It also helps that the hands-on gameplay has plenty of depth to it, complemented by a fascinating lore.

Light Fairytale Episode 2 Review

Light Fairytale Episode 2 is a no-brainer pickup for anyone who has played and completed the prequel, as they look to pick up where things left off. Still, the short playtime means they won’t get to experience too much story development, nor will they get to fully dive into the new gameplay systems.

QUByte Classics – The Immortal by PIKO Review

QUByte Classics – The Immortal by PIKO on Xbox is a restoration of a weird and interesting retro game, which by no means is a classic by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not the kind of game you want to go out of your way to experience, as it’s not a must play title from yesteryear.

Demon Turf Review

Demon Turf is a stylistic and experimental 3D platformer which dares to try new things, and for the most part it succeeds in its ambitious ideas, especially in its quirky yet satisfying play mechanics. Implementing 2D platformer conventions within a 3D world was never going to be easy, but Demon Turf manages to pull it off with plenty of style and endearing level design. 

Children of Morta: Ancient Spirits Review

Children of Morta: Ancient Spirits as a DLC is only mildly worthwhile if the base game just so happens to be on your active play rotation presently.

Evertried Review

Evertried is a strategic isometric RPG with an addictive roguelite gameplay loop. There isn’t much to it in its opening moments, but this is a deceptively simple game which rewards strategic planning and foresight. Genre fans will certainly enjoy the challenge, while newcomers will get plenty of enjoyment from the turn-based action as they master tile movement and placement.

ExZeus: The Complete Collection Review

ExZeus: The Complete Collection on Xbox can offer some cheap thrills in what is largely an unremarkable rail shooter duology. If you’re feeling starved for 90’s styled arcade shooters with all the noise, then these could be fun, but be prepared for underwhelming visuals and stock standard gameplay.

Exclusive interview as Mighty Yell Studios chat about The Big Con’s cracking comedy

The Big Con arrived on Xbox and PC at the back end of August, giving gamers the chance to take in a wonderfully created '90s-styled cross-country comedy adventure that was pretty much unlike anything else. We loved it, praising the strong dialogue, the weird and wonderful cast of characters and the stunning art style. So when we were given the opportunity to quiz Mighty Yell Studios' and The Big Con's Game Director in order to find out even more about the game, we absolutely jumped at the chance.

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 Review

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 on Xbox is a uniquely special action role playing game which sweeps players into a fascinating setting; one that fuses ancient Chinese history with folklore. The game world is presented in stunning detail, and the world building feels organic and captivating. It also helps that this is an entertaining game to pick up and play, with rich environments to explore and a great deal of enjoyable variety in the gameplay.

Omen of Sorrow Review

Omen of Sorrow on Xbox is a pretend fighting game at best. It may try to look the part, but it is barely coherent or logical in execution. Fighting fans can give this one a miss without a second thought

Bus Simulator 21 Review

It’s rough around the edges for sure, and it’s not going to be for everyone, but if you’re willing to suspend yourself into its limitations and challenges then you might discover something rewarding with Bus Simulator 2.

Myst Review

Myst on Xbox is far from being the definitive version of the game, as in the process of modernising the graphical and visual presentation, it loses much of the artistic charm of the original 1993 classic. It’s certainly nice to have full 3D movement, but even then, the experience lacks the functionality of the original point and click control scheme.

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