Hey guys, there’s a new partnership in town and this one concerns the lovely looking sandbox action adventure, Goliath.

BadLands Games have today confirmed a deal with Alawar Premium and Octopus Tree to bring their award winning title to both Xbox One and PS4 later in 2017.


The procedurally generated world of Golitah will see you stumbling through a mysterious rift, as a bizarre new world consisting of jumbled fragments from dead civilisations and technological marvels of the far future, slowly unravels. As you do so, different factions battle each other across the planet – but all tremble in fear of the giant monsters that inhabit the land. Fortunately – at least for you – you have the skills to build Goliaths of your own and it is therefore up to you to show everyone who’s boss…by crafting giant robots and punching monsters in the face!

You’ll get the chance to discover dense forests, frozen tundras and eerie swamps as you had of on quests, take in dynamic weather and witness the full day/night cycles that are in place. With wild monsters and other dangers in place at every turn, you’ll need to scavenge and craft supplies, build fortresses and defend yourself against the savage world – and all it brings.

You’ll also find yourself searching for materials, blueprints, crafting tools, and everything else you need to make the biggest and baddest Goliath possible. Each can be customised and equipped with a variety of new weapons and add-ons that grant new abilities – making every combat mech unique. And the more you explore, the more complex recipes you’ll stumble upon, allowing for an even greater depth to your creations.

Aligning yourself with a faction to broker peace deals – or accelerate an inevitable war – is also key to success in Goliath, but choose wisely as each faction offers distinct strategic advantages in weaponry or Goliath blueprints. Once you’ve forged an alliance, keep your eyes peeled for rival faction members looking to encroach on your territory!

“We’ve been fans of Goliath since the first reveal. Who doesn’t love giant robots?” says Luis Quintans, CEO, BadLand Games. “Kudos to Alawar Premium for delivering on such an original idea.”

“When BadLand Games said they wanted to bring Goliath to consoles, we could barely contain our excitement,” says Artem Bochkarev, producer, Alawar Premium. “Goliath is Alawar Premium’s dream project. We’re thankful for the opportunity to finally bring the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners!”

Key features of Goliath are:

  • Build a ‘bot: learn how to create dozens of robotic Goliath suits from a variety of materials – including wood, stone, and metal. Each Goliath can be customised and equipped with a variety of weapons and add-ons that grant new abilities.
  • Survive a savage land: gather materials to build the tools needed to survive – such as healing salves and protective fortresses. As players explore the world, they’ll learn more complex recipes for better tools and weapons.
  • A living world: explore environments such as rolling prairies, dense forests, eerie swamps, and frozen tundras – all with dynamic weather and a complete day/night cycle. Weather and terrain will affect how each Goliath type performs, so make sure you have the right machine for the job!
  • Choose a side: several factions vie for control of resources and territory. Each faction can offer different strategic advantages in unique weapon and robot plans, so you must carefully choose which to align with. Broker a peace deal or rally your faction to accelerate the war!
  • Procedurally-generated world: with procedurally-generated environments and quests, the world of Goliath is full of surprises!

Goliath will drop digitally on Xbox One and PS4 in Q3 2017. We will of course keep you up-to-date with its news.

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4 years ago

Looks cool. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
4 years ago

Will try to keep an open mind but I will admit to a certain amount of recoil when I read about the survival aspect. Kind of sick to death of that sort of game where you need to keep foraging for stuff just to be able to keep playing…