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We’ve already seen the Prodigal Daughter and an Unlikely Pair join the Hunt: Showdown roster. Now though it’s time to become The Committed. 

Available as the latest DLC add-on for Crytek and Deep Silver’s Hunt: Showdown, The Committed adds in one Legendary hunter and a couple of additional weapons for players to get to know. 

Priced at £5.79 from the Xbox Store, Hunt: Showdown’s The Committed DLC will see you getting up close and personal with Monroe, a new Hunter who has recently escaped from an asylum. Found fighting to survive by whatever means are necessary, Monroe brings with him two rather unique weapons, Pane (a shard of window that he calls his own), and Lock and Key. 

With the utter madness that has already been unveiled in Hunt: Showdown, it should come as no real surprise to see Monroe and his weapon types fitting in nicely with the whole world it encompasses. If you agree and wish to find a new Hunter to utilise, picking up this downloadable content drop should be high on your radar. 

You’ll find the Hunt: Showdown – The Committed DLC present and correct on the Xbox Store. The base game is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and you’ll quite obviously need that in place prior to dropping the cash on The Committed. 

As always, let us know in the comments if you decide to pick this add-on up. We’re also found on the usual social channels.

DLC Description:

After Henry Monroe was committed to the asylum, he was determined to escape by all means. Failing on the first attempt, he not only gained the attention of Huff himself, but also established Pane – a shard of window– scavenged from the floor as his signature of sorts. His real escape came during a moment of chaos and confusion, when the warden’s infamous Romero – Lock and Key – became his possession. Destitute in the bayou, he fights to survive and to spite those who’d caused his suffering.

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