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Need a new take on the ever evolving Battle Royale scene? Super Animal Royale is here to add some cute, some cuddly and some genetically modified animal madness to Xbox, Game Pass and PC, with PlayStation, Stadia and Nintendo Switch versions happening further down the line.  

Having been kicking around in Steam Early Access since the back end of 2018, Super Animal Royale now gives console players the chance to enter a zoological-twisted Battle Royale arena. Present and correct via Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and through Xbox Game Pass, this is the first time we find the adorably brutal 2D multiplayer shooter breaking out of the PC scene. Remember though, this is a Game Preview title so it is, essentially, work-in-progress – expect to find bugs and issues cropping up occasionally.

Cross-play and cross-save support is in place though, so if you find yourself to be a trigger-happy tiger or a murderous monkey, playing across formats is more than doable. And yes, even when those PlayStation, Switch and Stadia formats come into play, that cross-platform fun will still be available. 

So what is Super Animal Royale? Well it’s a Battle Royale fighter that will have you playing out proceedings as a genetically modified animal. And it could be any one of more than 300 different breeds, adorning more than 600 odd cosmetic items as you and up to 64 players battle it out to the death. Expect to be found firing off shotguns and sparrows, or tossing the odd grenade or banana, riding emus or even messing around with hamster balls. There are a ton of options present here – yet all should be fun, frantic and fluffy. 

Key features include:

  • • Survival of the Fittest: Scavenge a variety of powerful weapons, armor and items to become the apex predator in intense 64-player online matches.
  • • The Superest World: Explore a massive, beautifully illustrated 2D island and discover its hidden lore, by chatting with its inhabitants and scouring its rich environments for clues.
  • • Different Stripes for Different Fights: Collect hundreds of animal breeds and customize them with thousands of cosmetic items, weapons, outfits, and even umbrellas!
  • • Evolving Events & Updates: Enjoy an endless stampede of new content, including seasonal outfits, animals, and weapons to collect.
  • • The Fast and the Furriest: Flatten your foes while rolling dirty in a Hamster Ball, or mount a Giant Emu and peck your way to the promised land.

The console announcement trailer is right below. Give it a watch for further insight. And hold tight for some thoughts surrounding how Super Animal Royale plays out on Xbox, through Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass once we’ve been hands-on.

But how do you get access to Super Animal Royale, I hear you ask? Well, there are a variety of options. Firstly there is the free to download base game, but then there is the cheapest of the Founders Edition packs too – this costs £7.99 but is free for all Game Pass subscribers.

Further to that is the Super Animal Royale Super Edition for £11.98 which includes a host of animal breeds and cosmetic items, whilst the £3.98 Starter Pack brings forth further cosmetics along with enough S.A.W Tickets to enable you to purchase Super Animal Passes. 

And then, if you’re really taken with what Super Animal Royale provides, there are three further microtransaction packs, 1000 SAW Tickets for £7.99, 2800 SAW Tickets for £19.99 and a cool 5000 SAW Tickets for £31.99. Take your pick as to which you want. 

Game Description:

It’s fight for furvival! Super Animal Royale is a 64-player, frenetic, top-down 2D battle royale where murderous animals fight tooth, claw, and machine gun across an abandoned safari park. Collect and customize your favorite critters and weapons, then put them to work in solo matches or team up as a squad of up to four players!

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