If you need to get ahead of the game and want to blast your opponents to smithereens, then the latest downloadable content pack for Hawken should be something to take a look at.

The Ord Mech is currently available for purchase, giving you a head start on the competition with some early access. This is all whilst gaining valuable consumables, Holo Taunts, enough MC to unlock whatever you want and a ton of HC to allow immediate upgrading opportunities.

It’s only available for one week though – after which you would have missed out on that chance to check out the Ord ahead of time. Just make your way to the Xbox Games Store, drop the £14.99  required and sit back ready for a good time! It may seem a bit pricey, but when you’re getting the base game for nothing, we don’t think putting a little cash into the developers pocket is a bad thing.

DLC Description:

An incredible deal available for one week only. Get a head start on the competition. Includes:o Early access to the Ord mech and an awesome camoo 25 Consumableso 25 Holo Tauntso 900 MC to unlock whatever your heart desireso 5,000 HC to immediately upgrade your mech

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