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Hit it for six – Cricket 24 is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC


cricket 24
Whack those balls – Cricket 24 is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

It’s the culmination of years of cricket game development. Cricket 24 hits it for six to launch on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

Big Ant Studios have been working on cricket video games for years. But now they join forces with NACON to deliver – hopefully – the most realistic cricket game ever. Yep, it’s time to grab the pads, chuck on the helmet and wander out to the crease. Cricket 24 is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

A new cricket experience

Available to purchase and download right now, Cricket 24 is priced at £49.99 from the Xbox Store. Grab a download and you’ll be able to play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, fully optimised for the new consoles. You’ll also find it on the digital stores of PlayStation and PC. 

Grab the bat and Cricket 24 promises much. Sold as the most realistic of all cricket games, Big Ant have been able to inject all the teams and nations from around the globe into this one; official licensing onboard. It features The Ashes too, a deep Career mode, challenges and online play – utilising cross-play with no platform restrictions. 

There’s also been an overhauling of the mechanics, especially in terms of the fielding on show. 

We’re expecting much from Cricket 24, as Big Ant build on the games that went before it – Cricket 22 and Cricket 19 for instance. 

And it’s in those key features where the excitement sits. Expect all of the following, and a ton more, to be inclucded in Cricket 24 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

The features in summary

  • The Ashes; Cricket 24 will feature the biggest rivalry in cricket – The Ashes. Detailed cutscenes put the user into the moment as gamers get the chance to play out their very own Ashes journey. Feel a part of the team with press conferences and team training sessions. Unique commentary allows for complete immersion. Experience The Ashes playing as a single player, or as a member of the Australian or English teams.
  • Official Licenses; Over 200 players with full photogrammetry. Major cricket nations including Australia, England, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand and Ireland with more to be announced over the coming months. The biggest tournaments including The Ashes, the KFC BBL and Weber WBBL, The Hundred, the Caribbean Premier League and the Pakistan Super League, plus a number of ‘to be announced’ professional Indian T20 teams, along with more than 50 highly detailed official stadiums.
  • Career Mode; Follow the journey of your player from club cricketer all the way to the international stage, developing your skills and growing your fan base as you hone your craft to become the next big thing in cricket. Cricket 24 gives you more control in determining your destiny, becoming a short-form hero, focusing on the Test team, or trying to balance both on your way to cricketing stardom.
  • All new fielding; A complete overhaul of the fielding systems to provide the most realistic and responsive fielding controls ever seen in a cricket video game.
  • Cross Platform; Fully cross platform. Play online against your friends and the world’s best players with no platform restrictions. Create and share custom content across all platforms including stadiums, players, teams and more with the Academy.

Buy. Now.

Cricket 24 is available from the Xbox Store as we speak. Grab a download and play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Alternatively, take a hit and pick it up on PlayStation or PC. It’s set to come to Nintendo Switch soon too. 

Our full review of Cricket 24 is coming soon. We’ll let you know if this is the best cricket game on Xbox. Will you be playing? Let us know down in the comments.

Cricket 24 on Xbox Game Description

Cricket 24 is the culmination of a decade of Cricket video game development and includes teams from every corner of the globe. Players will be able to take on major cricket nations including Australia and England in the official Ashes, West Indies, New Zealand, Ireland and more, plus for the first time ever, professional Indian T20 teams, all set in over 50 detailed official stadiums. Cricket 24 is the most complete video game simulation of cricket seen to date.

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