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We’ve recently seen Konami’s Skelattack deliver some skelly based platforming to Xbox One, but it seems that 2020 isn’t just the year of the skateboarding game – but also that of the skeleton as now we discover Skully rock up on to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Priced at £24.99, and available to download this very minute from the usual digital store of your choice, Skully comes about via the teams at Modus Games and Finish Line Games, to provide gamers with yet another flesh-less affair.

Skully sees you taking on the role of the titular Skully, a newly reanimated being who has come to life via the power of magical clay. And yes, Skully is a skull. But he’s not just limited to rolling around making a nuisance of himself. You see, via the power of the clay that sees him become active, Skully can take on a variety of forms, all of which have great powers – and it is these which you’ll need to utilise throughout your adventure in the hope that you can work your way through the most mysterious of islands and save the land.

Adapting to what is going on around you is the key to finding success as this little skull, and you’ll be kept on your toes with 18 different levels, and 7 ecosystems provided plenty of test.

Features of Skully on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC include:

  • Hop, skip and roll your way to victory. Dodge obstacles across the island as Skully, a skull reanimated by the power of magical clay.
  • Adapt to your environment. Transform into three distinct forms to overcome challenges and defeat enemies.
  • Traverse a mysterious island. Roll through 18 different levels in 7 distinct ecosystems each packed with unique dangers.
  • Explore a compelling story. Fully voiced dialogue and cutscenes breathe life into the island’s inhabitants and the charming world of Skully!

Our full review of Skully will be with you before you know it. Keep an eye out for it and let us know what you think of Modus Games’ skull-adventure. The comments section is right down below whilst our favourite digital store – the Xbox Store – will sort you out with a download of the game. You’ll also find it on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam too.

Edit: Our full review of Skully on Xbox One is live.

Game Description:

On a mysterious remote island, a skull washes up on shore and is reawakened by an enigmatic deity. Dubbed Skully, the newly reanimated being has been summoned to intervene in a war between the deity’s three siblings, whose quarrel jeopardizes the island they call home. Fate has bestowed Skully with a second chance at “life” and his adventure will take him across a strange paradise as he seeks an end to the conflict that plagues the isle.

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